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Happy New Year from Land-Grant Holy Land

2012 was one heck of a year. May 2013 be even better for you and yours – and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

2013 is going to be a great year.
2013 is going to be a great year.

I think I speak for our entire staff when I say 2012 was very good to us. And the best has yet to come. Ohio State went 12-0 in 2012; would it be illogical to think a 13-0 regular season could make 2013 even better?

In order to set the stage for the New Year properly, we take a look at some New Year's resolutions that should keep us safe until at least St Patrick's Day:

  • Never not play a bowl game ever again
  • Keep not losing football games
  • Close the 2013 recruiting class with Mike Mitchell, Trey Johnson, James Quick, and Vonn Bell (dare to dream, right?)
  • Make at least the Sweet 16 in men's basketball
  • Have a Buckeye drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft
  • Let (now Buckeye legend) Zach Boren catch on with an NFL team, even if he has to go undrafted to do it
  • Keep arrests/off the field problems to a minimum
  • Beat the hell out of That Team Up North

Did we miss anything? What are your New Year's resolutions?

In closing, on behalf of all of us at Land-Grant Holy Land, thanks for spending even a tiny part of your 2012 with us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and making 2013 even more special.

Go Buckeyes.