Introducing the all-new SB Nation commenting system

First day on Internet kid made you a new commenting system.

We're thrilled to introduce to you our brand new commenting system. Look different? Well, it really shouldn't. For this initial roll out, we intentionally tried to keep things as change rage free as possible. But the heart of the system has been completely rewritten for what we hope is a better experience, on your desktop as well on your mobile device and tablet.

We've also laid the groundwork for what will allow us to seamlessly roll out a bunch of awesome new features later on down the road. The great thing about SB Nation (and Land-Grant Holy Land), is that not unlike Urban Meyer and his staff, we're always learning and tinkering with an eye towards positive evolution and sustained future success.

If you've got any specific feedback, bug reports, or otherwise, let us know in the comments below, or, if you prefer, shoot our world class support team a note at support AT sbnation dot com.

Happy commenting.

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