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Game Thread: Nebraska Cornhuskers at #8 Ohio State Buckeyes

The real season is about to begin, as the Cornhuskers and the Buckeyes kick off their Big Ten season. Join us, won't you?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska heads to scenic Columbus with a 9-4 record, although their best win would be either a depleted USC team or Tulane. The Buckeyes sit at #8 in the nation with a 10-2 record, 8-1 at home, and are wildly expected to win this game. This is the Big Ten though, and even games against suspected dormats should present more of a challenge than the Chicago States of the world.

Aaron Craft currently needs only one more steal to tie David Lighty for #2 on Ohio State's all time list. The Buckeyes will also want to take the opportunity against another undersized team to try and find production and consistency from their maligned frontcourt. Ravenel, Williams and McDonald are combining to average 12 and 10 a game, and the Buckeyes are running out of chances to figure everything out before the Big Dogs of the Big Ten come calling. If the team hits more prolonged stretches of scoring droughts, even this game could be much closer than they'd like. Nebraska, as it were, has not beaten a top ten team since 1997, when they upset #7 Iowa State.

Lots to play for tonight, so why don't you join us? Your questions, comments, funny GIFs and #HOT. #SPROTS. #TAKES. are always welcome in our comments section. Being a jerk isn't, but I don't really have to tell you guys that, right?

Winner starts conference play undefeated in the best basketball conference in the nation. Let's get to it.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Ohio State Buckeyes
vs. Ohio-state_medium
9-4, 0-0 10-2, 0-0 | #8
Date: January 2nd, 2013
Location: Columbus, OH
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Arena: Value City Arena
TV: Big Ten Network - Time Warner Columbus/Delaware 1333 HD/58 SD, WOW! 219 HD/87 SD, DirecTV 610, DISH 439 Spread: Ohio State -20
Radio: WBNS FM-97.1 AM-1460 Over/Under: 126.0
Internet: BTN2Go SBN Affiliate: Corn Nation
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