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Ohio State to wear alternate "Hyper Elite"/Pro Combat-like jerseys against Michigan

The basketball Buckeyes are set to join North Carolina, Villanova, USC, Kentucky, Georgetown, Duke, and Texas wearing some of the worst alternate basketball jerseys you'll see in a while.

Ohio State, modeling the Big Lots collection.
Ohio State, modeling the Big Lots collection.

We've grown accustomed to the Nike-ification of Ohio State on the gridiron. Some of the so-called pro combat jerseys have left much to be desired, while others have been strictly okay-ish. Anyone who caught Gonzaga's game over the weekend unquestionably caught the disasters they were showcasing in their buzzer beater loss to Butler. But now we now the very same are headed the direction of the Ohio State men's basketball team.

The previously linked Nike release confirmed Ohio State would be wearing them against Saturday, February 5th on the road in Ann Arbor against Michigan, but an intrepid poster on Michigan State's 247 message board has uncovered what they'll in fact look like. If you thought Ohio State couldn't have shied further away from their actually palpable consistent visual identity since the Oden-era look, you'd be wrong.

Behold, fresh from the generic replica (potentially bootleg?) jerseys you're accustomed to seeing in gas stations across the state of Ohio and in discount stores:


Less is not always more, Nike.

The rest of the teams set to wear them don't get any better as you have North Carolina, Villanova, USC, Kentucky, Georgetown, Duke, and Texas.

It's not surprising to see Ohio State tinker with their look midseason, but ordinarily they're not quite as vanilla/bland. Amongst the features Nike professes the jerseys to have include:

  • 3D-structured Dri-FIT fabric pulls sweat away to help reduce cling
  • Slim cut reduces bulkiness
  • Nike Aerographics construction provides lightweight ventilation
  • Heat-transferred, sublimated lightweight twill logos, numbers and graphics
  • Laser-cut perforations increase ventilation
  • Lightweight Dri-FIT stretch woven fabric moves with the player
  • Waistband's silicone elastic grips for a secure, comfortable fit. Engineered perforations enhance ventilation and comfort
  • Unique sublimated pattern on the side panel

Buzz word on, Oregon based multinational behemoth. Buzz word on.