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Ohio State's Urban Meyer fishing? Ohio State's Urban Meyer fishing

Watch Urban Meyer unwind, along with his son, Nate, on the Outdoor Channel.

If you didn't catch Mike Pawlawski taking Urban Meyer on a fishing excursion on the Outdoor Channel's "Gridiron Outdoors", here's your chance to get up to speed on what you were missing.

"Well it's 26 plus years now for me. And I think the biggest rigors you have in just the amount of time you're away from your family. Once you start in August until February, it's over," Meyer says on his busy schedule

Meyer also takes his son, Nate Meyer, out with him for the trip (who's also featured in the video). There was also a recent episode with Washington State head coach Mike Leach, which you know given his general demeanor and former life in Key West, Florida, is basically instant much watch TV.

Check your local TV Guide to see when the episode might air again if you'd like to DVR it for your records, or simply watch what you might've missed above.