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Ohio State recruiting, Iowa basketball, and Penn State, woof's Matt Brown and Luke Zimmermann discuss the future of Ohio State football, Tuesday night's ups-and-downs ripe 72-63 win over Iowa, and this coming Saturday's showdown with

In our latest podcast, we lead with Ohio State's weird, not-as-rewarding-as-it-could've-been 72-63 win over Iowa Tuesday evening. Amir Williams had a career high 6 blocks!...and 0 rebounds. Zero. Against Iowa. But while the basketball game might not be something we're capable of extrapolating much in the area of meaningful conclusions, we give it a try anyways.

Next we talk about the tire fire that has been Penn State basketball. Five missed free throws down the stretch against Nebraska. To say nothing of a loss to Nebraska. No Tim Frazier, no... conference wins?

Finally, we hit the topic du jour: Ohio State recruiting. We discuss about Tuesday's Dan Skipper news, Luke's small world ties to Oregon commit Dontre Wilson, plus the latest on 2014 WR Demarre Kitt and where Ohio State stands with him.

Don't want to see one of us sneeze in HD? You can listen by hitting play or download below: