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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets, 1/25 - Kyle Berger on deck?

Time is running out for the class of 2013, and the Buckeyes are making some of their final moves for this year's class. Will Urban Meyer and his staff have time to secure one or two more potential playmakers?

Could Kyle Berger be next up for Ohio State's class of 2014?
Could Kyle Berger be next up for Ohio State's class of 2014?

It was an action packed Thursday for Urban Meyer and the Ohio State coaching staff. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let's take a quick run through of some of the takeaways from the day that was in Buckeye recruiting:

'14 OLB Kyle Berger mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he's thinking hard about becoming a commitment in the class of 2014 for Ohio State. '14 OL commit Marcelys Jones is clearly trying to get Berger to come to Ohio State, something that this coaching staff hasn't shied away from: getting the right kind of guys who can serve as living billboards to others to help create an even bigger and better class. Berger had 44 tackles for loss and 10 sacks this past season alone. Check out Berger's recently updated highlight tape:

The Buckeyes also gave an offer out to '14 CB D.J. Smith which must have made a serious impact on him as he tweeted it almost immediately after the offer took place:

If you're concerned about him getting the words mixed up, I wouldn't look into it too much; he later corrected himself on the tweet. The 6'0", 180-pound corner clearly impressed the staff, as evidenced by the early offer.

Check out Smith's highlights from last year right here: