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Ohio State alum Alex Boone has a rhinoceros named after him

The former Buckeye tackle now just wants to "kind of wrestle" a rhino.

Does your former-alcoholic-rehabilitated-Super-Bowl-starting-guard-alumnus have a rhinoceros named after him? That's what we figured.

But former Buckeye/all-Big Ten tackle Alex Boone finds himself in that exact scenario after the San Francisco Zoo named one living at the zoo after the 49ers lineman.

The details, courtesy of the San Francisco 49ers:

Boone met his new rhino last week while playing zookeeper for a day at the San Francisco Zoo. Tasks included cleaning up after the animals, feeding a giraffe, throwing fish to a polar bear, petting a porcupine and walking among the penguins. Then, Boone was able to hand-feed the rhino and arrange his dinner.

Click here to view a photo gallery of Boone's visit to the zoo or watch the video below.

Boone has also started an Instagram account (@TheRhino75).

Visitors will be able to see "Boone" by visiting the San Francisco Zoo and can also donate to the Alex Boone Animal Education Project, an initiative that brings local youth to the San Francisco Zoo to learn leadership and respect through the theme of animal wellness.

Naturally, in true Alex Boone fashion, he speaks in the video on the Niners site about wanting to potentially wrestle the rhino.

You can catch Boone try to take on those more his own size in Super Bowl XLVII next Sunday night.