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Ohio State set to raise ticket prices from $70 to $79, Wisconsin game $110-$175

Ohio State's board of trustees formally started the process to green light a plan to raise ticket prices beginning with the 2013 home football schedule.

Scenes like this won't come cheap next fall (and beyond).
Scenes like this won't come cheap next fall (and beyond).

As expected, the Ohio State University board of trustees all but approved a not-without-controversy plan to not only raise ticket prices, but designate two games per year as 'premium games'. When a game is selected as a 'premium game', it's ticket price will be raised by in some cases by almost $100. The board will formally vote on the proposal Friday but are widely expected to pass it after not voicing any reservations during their Thursday meeting.

The majority of the games on Ohio State's 2013 home football schedule – which includes the likes of Buffalo, Florida A&M, and Indiana – will see a rise from $70 to $79. The board's decision to also formally grant the athletic department the ability to set up the two games as 'premium games' would up the gateway to entry for fans to $110-$175 starting.

With Ohio State's less than world beating schedule this fall (which could ultimately have ramifications on the Buckeyes' chances at a 2013 national championship), the only game to receive the premium designation this fall will be September 28th's game against Wisconsin and new head coach Gary Andersen. That game will mark the former Utah State head coach's first ever Big Ten road game and should give the Buckeyes the chance to rekindle their recent budding rivalry.

Many believe the increase is tied to some back tied renovation projects, along with Ohio State's need to support 36 varsity athletic programs. The university could next up to $6 million dollars extra annually as a result of the changes.