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Army All-American Game 2013: Commitment announcement schedule

A complete list of those scheduled to commit during the 2013 US Army All-American Bowl and when.

See who will commit during the Army All-American Game and when.
See who will commit during the Army All-American Game and when.
US Army

During the 2013 US Army All-American Bowl, the following players will commit at the following times:

  • Tyler Boyd, 4-star WR - Clairton, PA: First quarter following the second commercial break. Boyd is expected to decide between Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and West Virginia with Pittsburgh being the favorite.
  • Joe Mathis, 4-star DE - Upland, CA: At the beginning of the second quarter. Mathis will choose between Washington, Alabama, UCLA, and USC, with Washington the odds on favorite.
  • Tony Stevens, 4-star WR - Orlando, FL: Just after the third commercial break during the second quarter. Stevens is almost a lock to choose Texas A&M, but is also considering Florida State and Ohio State (whom didn't particularly recruit him very hard)
  • Alquadin Muhammad, 4-star DE - Ramsey, NJ: Following the first commercial break of the third quarter. Muhammad will decide between Miami and Notre Dame primarily, but was also considering Alabama. He's expected to choose Miami.
  • James Quick, 4-star WR - Louisville, KY: The beginning of the fourth quarter. Quick is deciding between Louisville and Ohio State. It's a virtual tossup, but it's thought Louisville's win over Florida may have swayed him back towards the Cardinals for good.
  • Mike Mitchell, 4-star LB - Plano, TX: Following the third commercial break in the fourth quarter. Mitchell is officially deciding between Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Oregon, but he's considered effectively a mortal lock for the Buckeyes.