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Video: Mike Mitchell commits to Ohio State at the US Army All-American Bowl

Ohio State's 21st commitment of the class of 2013 couldn't have been more huge as the Bucks add an elite 4-star linebacker from Texas to the fold.

Mike Mitchell has been on the tip of Ohio State recruiting aficionado's tongues since back when he first took Nike's The Opening 2013 by storm. Though he spoke highly of the Buckeyes whenever pressed by recruiting experts and bloggers alike, he kept OSU fans guessing by continuing to procrastinate taking an official visit longer and longer.

The murmurs came to an end when Mitchell finally checked out the Buckeyes' Columbus campus in early December, but there were still those second guessing the significance since his parents didn't even go along (admittedly Mitchell has 8 other brothers and sisters, so getting a long term babysitter under those circumstances might not have been the most reasonable or viable possibility).

But all the trepidation and cynicism can officially be dismissed – we now know the 4-star LB will officially spend the next 3-5 years of his football playing life suiting up on the banks of the Olentangy in Ohio Stadium for the Ohio State Buckeyes. See how it happened in the video above.