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Keeping up: Ohio State Buckeyes in the NBA, week of 1/1-1/7

For most of the former Ohio Staters in the NBA the new year got off to a good start.

Except now Daequan will don a Bulls jersey
Except now Daequan will don a Bulls jersey

Not only did Daequan Cook find a new team where he might actually see some playing time, but other Buckeye shootyhoopers put up some very solid numbers over the last week.

Mike Conley - PG - Memphis Grizzlies: Conley raised the bar to start 2013, putting in a season-high 23 points on Wednesday in a Grizzlies victory over the Celtics. Memphis won 3 of 4 games last week, and it was no coincidence that in those victories Conley had at least 8 assists in each game. In the one game Memphis lost? Conley only had 3 assists. Currently Memphis is sitting at 22-10 and in 4th place in the Western Conference. If the season ended today, only Byron Mullens and Evan Turner would not be included in the NBA playoffs. Good news for Turner is the 76ers are only 2.5 out of 8th in the East so there is time to lead Philly to a playoff spot.

Daequan Cook - SG - Chicago Bulls: On Wednesday Cook was released by the Houston Rockets but wasn't a free agent too long as the Bulls signed him on Sunday. This could give you an idea on how Cook might be able to be utilized in Chicago. Hopefully a fresh start in Chicago will bring increased minutes and production for Daequan.

Kosta Koufos - F/C - Denver Nuggets: For the third time this season Koufos scored 16 points, which is his season high. All three of those games where Koufos has scored 16 points in have come since December 22nd. In his next game on Saturday, Kosta collected 13 rebounds against Utah, which is his 2nd highest rebounding total on the season. Koufos continues to start ahead of the higher paid Javale McGee, and if he keeps playing this way that won't change.

Byron Mullens - F/C - Charlotte Bobcats: Mullens is still recovering from a sprained ankle that he suffered on December 22nd. From hearing what Byron had to say about when the injury happened it sounded like the injury could have been a lot worse. The good news is Mullens is out of the walking boot he was wearing, but the timeframe for his return is not known.

Evan Turner - G/F - Philadelphia 76ers: On the 76ers 8-game road trip Turner has either been Jekyll or Hyde. His best game of the road trip came on New Years, registering 22 points and 13 rebounds against the Lakers. In 3 games on the road trip Turner failed to score in double figures, so you never knew what you were gonna get from him. Some of that probably had to do with the 76ers just not playing good basketball overall right now. Philadelphia was 2-6 on the road trip and is 5-14 since December 1st.

Jared Sullinger - PF - Boston Celtics: Sullinger continued to see an small increase in his minutes since his huge game on Christmas Day. On Friday Jared played 30 minutes and put up his 2nd highest total on the boards this season with 10 rebounds. Over the past 3 games Sullinger has been average over 8 points and rebounds per game, which is about 3 points and rebounds more than his season average. With more playing time Sullinger is seeming to get more confidence, and it is translating onto the stat sheet.