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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 7: College football recruiting's future's Matt Brown and Luke Zimmermann are back from a brief hiatus to discuss Ohio State's 74-64 victory over the Purdue Boilermakers, their pending matchup with second ranked Michigan, and some dramatic proposals from the 2013 AFCA convention which could have an indelible effect on college football recruiting.

We kick this episode off talking about the Ohio State-Purdue game immediately after it happened. Think the world's most informal post game show...only sexier! We also tackle the sky is falling phenomenon that seems to be taking the Buckeye beat by storm (we heart you all beat writers but perspective is good, BBs!). We also take a brief look at how Ohio State will fare against sudden college hoops heavy weight, the much hated Michigan Wolverines this coming Sunday.

Finally, we dedicate the second half of the podcast to tackle a topic which could have major ramifications on the very future of Ohio State, a pending dramatic sea change of when/how recruiting operates. We discuss whether or not this disproportionately favors the big schools (in particular, a sort of Moneyball-hued vantage by Bylaw Boss, John Infante), what this means for the future of college football recruiting, and where we stand on the subject as a whole.

As always, we offer you a variety of ways to consume the episode. If our sheer handsomeness is too overwhelming, we also offer an audio only version for your consumption. You can simply press play below, or click that download button below if you wish to save it locally/upload it to your mobile device or what not: