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College football rankings: Ohio State #1 (but not why you think) in our final BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

We conclude the 2012 college football season with our final BlogPoll ballot of the season.

Undefeated. Forever.
Undefeated. Forever.

Look, I'm going to be as perfectly transparent as I have been in our last two ballots. Ohio State being #1 isn't because Ohio State is the best team in the country. It's not because we think they'd beat Alabama head-to-head (though I certainly think they'd have every chance to be more competitive than Notre Dame was in their 42-14 shellacking at the hands of the Crimson Tide). It's also not because we subscribe to some kind of antiquated notion that record is only the determinant of quality; life is a multivariable equation and even in something as straight forward as college football, one good loss with a top 30 schedule is still a better schedule than no losses with a 50th ranked schedule. If the team names were "Ohio" and "South Alabama", you'd feel different than if they're "Ohio State" and "Alabama" with the same conditions.

Two BlogPoll Top 25s ago, there were seven teams that elected not to rank Ohio State at all, despite no guidelines suggesting the team was ineligible for the poll and wild pseudo-moralist inconsistencies (such as a blog who's school is on NCAA probation saying teams on probation weren't eligible for their ballot; they voted for theirs, by the way). In this past one, there was five. Until there are universal guidelines dictating what the mission of the poll is and they're adhered to, for all the good the poll does, it doesn't serve to do anything different except show that even supposedly the part-time college football writers/die hard fans are just as myopic and beholden to time constraints and bias as the full time ones and coaches.

Aside from the Buckeyes, worthy likely final #1 Alabama checks in at #2, and really there's not a ton of surprise in the rest of our ballot. It's straight forward, results based, with the appropriate amount of subjectivity mixed in.We admit, we were super wrong on Louisville. Boise State was also far better than we thought. Let us know in the comments the teams you might rank differently.