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LGHL Top 25 Week 8: Oregon claims top spot, Stanford and Georgia drop out of top ten

There is a new face claiming to be the number one team in the country, as the Ducks climb yet again, passing Alabama for the No. 1 ranking.

Oregon raced past Washington and claimed the top spot in LGHL's top 25 poll
Oregon raced past Washington and claimed the top spot in LGHL's top 25 poll
Otto Greule Jr

It was a crazy weekend full of upsets bringing down multiple undefeated teams (Stanford, Oklahoma, Michigan) and close escapes from other contenders (Texas A&M, Northern Illinois). When the dust finally settled in the early hours of the morning, Oregon came out with a huge win over Washington, which was enough to put them into the top spot, while Alabama goes to second. Four new teams enter the LGHL top 25 as four teams (Michigan, Northwestern, Washington, and Florida) drop from the poll.

Check out our LGHL top 25 in its entirety here:


1 I_medium Oregon Ducks arrow_up1
2 I_medium Alabama Crimson Tide arrow_down1
3 I_medium Ohio State Buckeyes --
4 I_medium Clemson Tigers --
5 I_medium Florida State Semionles arrow_up1
6 I_medium Louisville Cardinals arrow_up2
7 I_medium LSU Tigers arrow_up2
8 I_medium Baylor Bears arrow_up4
9 I_medium UCLA Bruins arrow_up4
10 I_medium Texas A&M Aggies --
11 I_medium Miami Hurricanes arrow_up3
12 I_medium Stanford Cardinal arrow_down7
13 I_medium South Carolina Gamecocks arrow_up2
14 I_medium Texas Tech Red Raiders arrow_up3
15 I_medium Georgia Bulldogs arrow_down8
16 I_medium Fresno State Bulldogs arrow_up4
17 I_medium Virginia Tech Hokies arrow_up6
18 I_medium Wisconsin Badgers arrow_up6
19 I_medium Northern Illinois Huskies arrow_down1
20 I_medium Oklahoma Sooners arrow_down9
21 I_medium Auburn Tigers arrow_up4
22 I_medium Missouri Tigers --
23 I_medium Nebraska Cornhuskers --
24 I_medium Michigan State Spartans --
25 I_medium Houston Cougars --

Receiving votes: Oklahoma State, Texas, Washington, Maryland

Dropped: Michigan (16), Washington (19), Northwestern (21), Florida (22)