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Ohio State-Iowa 2013 in GIFs

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Revisit how Ohio State-Iowa played out as the Buckeyes won their 19th straight.

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Iowa had Ohio State on the ropes early Saturday afternoon, but the Buckeyes' offense was too much late in the contest as the Bucks went on to a 34-24 victory.

After leading 17-10 at half time, both Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde took control of the game. Once Iowa was forced to pass instead of run, the results regressed to more of what how many had predicted the game might play out.

Though this wasn't Ohio State's best game of the year by any means, Iowa can definitely reflect on Saturday's game tape positively after giving the Buckeyes all they could handle for nearly 60 minutes. In order to address how things between OSU and Iowa played out, let's take a look back at some of the key moments from Saturday's action.

Braxton Miller with a heck of a play making Iowa defenders look silly in the process. Even an 80% Miller is more dynamic than a lot of college football. Unfortunately, the drive stalled afterwards. Buckeyes trail, 7-3.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

Ohio State preseason All-American cornerback Bradley Roby was ejected with a little over a minute to go in the first quarter of Ohio State's game against Iowa for targeting. Roby became the first Buckeye ejected under the controversial penalty. Earlier in the day, three players in various SEC conference games were ejected, including an extremely debatable ejection in Georgia's contest against Vanderbilt.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

Following a controversial targeting penalty on Ohio State DB Bradley Roby, Ohio State seemed extra motivated in the aftermath of losing their star corner. Braxton Miller found Philly Brown for a long TD to even things at 10-10.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

Carlos Hyde's touchdown above was somewhat contentious – did the ball actually break the plane? From looking at this slow motion, it looks like he probably did. With the score, Ohio State evened things at 17 all.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

After leveling the score at 17-17, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer wanted to make sure everyone know exactly how he felt about the score. Not losing has to be pretty much the top of the mountain for this guy.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

As Michigan fans clamor for more bubble screens to open up the sidelines for their recently struggling offense, Tom Herman and Urban Meyer show just how it's done. And we all know what happens with Devin Smith scores a touchdown...

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

This incredible run re-gave Ohio State the lead over Iowa, 31-24. SportsCenter Top 10, BTN plays of the year, you name it; you'll see this Carlos Hyde run for a long time to come.

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

A play before Carlos Hyde would give Ohio State the lead once again, Braxton Miller did Braxton Miller things to get a first down for the Buckeyes. Now let's just wait until he's 100%...

(Credit: ESPN on ABC)

And for good measure, here's TBDBITL doing the moonwalk. Seriously, how cool was this?

(Credit: @Alicia_Barnhart)