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Ohio State football: Purdue depth chart

The Buckeyes quietly released their Purdue game depth chart as a road trip to the Indian Burial Ground that is West Lafayette just on the horizon.


From Iowa week to Penn State and on through Purdue, we haven't seen a ton of movement with the Ohio State depth chart. Joey Bosa got the nod for his outstanding play against Northwestern, but other than that, repeat it with us now: the depth chart is not the depth chart, per se (TM - MGoBlog).

For special teams purposes, Jordan Hall and Rod Smith switched their jersey numbers back a few weeks prior, and though Hall showed signs of life after bouncing back from an injury that had limited his play, Carlos Hyde is now firmly entrenched at the top of the half back depth chart. Dontre Wilson saw the most snaps he'd gotten all year long and remains the top backup at H-back (not that Philly Brown is a pure H-back by any means).

Nick Vannett remains second at the tight end spot, but we haven't seen a ton of him. Per the coaches earlier this week, it seems that injuries have slowed his progress this season. The rest of the offense is functionally the same as last week.

On the defensive side of things, Tyvis Powell and Ron Tanner were swapped between who they were backing up, but as you can imagine, that doesn't really change much of anything. Spence/Hale/Bennett/Bosa still got the nod as the first group on the d-line, but Urban Meyer, Luke Fickell, and Mike Vrabel rotate guys in and out as need be. Trey Johnson, who we saw in mop up minutes against Penn State, remains the backup behind Ryan Shazier at Will.

Special teams are the same as they were last week. Dontre Wilson will continue to see touches there, which when you think about over a long enough timeline, should lead to something big.

Here was is the Purdue week depth chart in its entirety: