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Ohio State's marching band on The Today Show

After their dazzling Hollywood themed halftime show against Penn State, NBC's The Today Show goes in-depth with the Ohio State Marching Band.

NBC's The TODAY Show sent a reporter to Columbus to get the low down on the marching band just about everyone on the Internet is talking about.

So how has the Ohio State marching band gone from mere college tradition to web sensations? The TODAY Show talks about how the band leverages technology (specifically iPads) to help learn complicating routines in less than a week. Second year Marching Band director (and TBDBITL resident viralologist) Jonathan Waters is interviewed and discusses how the impact of the information age has helped advance what they do. The band members themselves also speak to how they're able to push the boundaries farther than ever and how the previously mentioned tech makes it all possible.

Some cool shots of the band practicing for next week's game are featured as well. Weekend TODAY's Dylan Dreyer even tries her hand at sitting in with TBDBITL – to roughly predictable results.

And perhaps the best part comes with Carson Daly's comments immediately after the segment: "What do the other bands in the Big 12 do now?"

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