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The best Ohio State halloween costumes, jack-o'-lanterns, and more

See the best Ohio State related 2013 Halloween offerings.

I think we can all safely assume what Urban Meyer will be doing for Halloween (calling, texting 4 and 5-stars, natch). But what will loyal Buckeyes at large be up to this evening?

We all remember (okay, we remember bits and pieces) of our Halloweens on campus. Though the odds of seeing a "Sexy Jim Tressel" are pretty much off the board, when perusing campus, surrounding neighborhoods, or heck just about anywhere in Columbus, odds are, you'll find some pretty sweet Ohio State affiliated costume garb and decorative halloween flair.

Let's start with some of the best jack-o'-lanterns out there. You'll be hard pressed to find folks who don't enjoy a well decorated pumpkin (though many of us undoubtedly don't love the process). Ohio State fans are particularly creative when it comes to pumpkin related fare. Here's a strong entry level Ohio State clad one.

Very cool, but let's up thinks a notch:

Two is definitely better than one. Here's another awesome dual pumpkin attack:

Even the Schott knows what's up. What about a higher degree of difficulty yet?

Woah, now we're cooking with gas. While perhaps not technically as accomplished, no one can deny a pumpkin paying homage to the Big Ten's second best quarterback:

A fine tribute indeed. But what if Woody Hayes...was a pumpkin?

Apparently he could go for 3. And finally, let's get really, really technical with this:

Speaking of O-H-I-O, they lend pretty naturally to more general Halloween decoration. Example:

Even the much rumor struck Gene Smith felt like getting in on the #strat action:

And for good measure:

So what about the costumes? It's still early, and we'll try to add some as the day goes on, but first we start with the obvious:

Kind of low hanging fruit for the T-Peezy outfit, but we'll take it. So what's next?

Aww. What about some more Buckeye player homages?

Ryan Shazier's been working out. How about a look at another Ohio State great?

Well, good enough for rock 'n roll.

Super strong effort. Meanwhile, on CABS:

...But that's not really different from any other day.

Finally, one more pumpkin, which we're sure you won't object to:

Go Bucks. Beat Michigan.

Happy halloween, y'all.