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Live coverage: Ohio State-Illinois, Ohio State-Marquette

Join the editors of Land-Grant Holy Land for an unrivaled live coverage experience. Share your jokes with us, and join us for scores, commentary, and more! TV schedule.

Bucks on Bucks on Bucks on Bucks

Luke Zimmermann [3:52 PM]:

Apologies for the 3.5 hours and change you just experienced, folks, but certainly glad you did it with us. How about those basketball Buckeyes?

Ian Cuevas [3:51 PM]:

Thanks to everyone that joined, as well.

Ian Cuevas [3:50 PM]:

That’s that, folks. Ohio State 10-0, and now they’ve won 22 straight games. Undefeated in the LGHL era!

Ian Cuevas [3:48 PM]:

@Christopher Jason WOW. That is impressive. They needed that score, too.

Christopher Jason [3:47 PM]:

Christopher Jason [3:47 PM]:

oh my lord did you guys see the UCF TD??

Matt Brown [3:45 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:44 PM]:

Man, oh man, Carlos Hyde getting his 5th touchdown of the day.

Ian Cuevas [3:43 PM]:

At least this ties the school’s longest win streak

Ian Cuevas [3:42 PM]:

Hmm. Another stop, then another score? That’d be nice.

BrightandSunny [3:40 PM]:

Brian Griese is the dumbest person to ever call a game.

Ian Cuevas [3:40 PM]:

I’m not sure what happened on that PAT.

Matt Brown [3:39 PM]:

Not a good day for Basil at all. This wind is the worst.

Ian Cuevas [3:39 PM]:

51-yard run by Hyde, puts Ohio State up 53-35 with four minutes remaining after Basil shanks the PAT

Ian Cuevas [3:38 PM]:

Carlos Hyde doing WORK

Ian Cuevas [3:37 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann I hope he never covers another Ohio State game this season. Don’t know if I could listen to another broadcast.

BrightandSunny [3:37 PM]:

Football D has allowed the same amount of points as basketball D.

Luke Zimmermann [3:36 PM]:

Brian Griese’s observation that this will not Ohio State in the BCS is probably the first accurate thing he’s said all day.

Ian Cuevas [3:34 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Yeah. Figured it was worth a shot.

Luke Zimmermann [3:33 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Weirdly not fulfilling right now!

Ian Cuevas [3:33 PM]:

Christopher Jason [3:30 PM]:

if they win this game by one score lol

Ian Cuevas [3:30 PM]:

Yikes. Not a smart throw by Miller.

Matt Brown [3:30 PM]:

lol what

Christopher Jason [3:29 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:29 PM]:

Incomplete pass makes it third down.

Ian Cuevas [3:28 PM]:

Hyde running strong. Miller brought down behind the line on that one.

Matt Brown [3:26 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:25 PM]:

In related news, Kansas jumps Ohio State in the latest BCS polls.

Ian Cuevas [3:25 PM]:

BrightandSunny [3:25 PM]:

Send Fickell to FAU.

Luke Zimmermann [3:23 PM]:

4th 8:49
Ohio State Basketball School
Illinois 35

Ian Cuevas [3:22 PM]:

Touchdown Illinois. Because what is defense.

ahowie [3:22 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas What a beautiful human being.

Luke Zimmermann [3:21 PM]:

@ahowie I’ll tell SBN’s developers to get right on it.

Matt Brown [3:21 PM]:

could you guys even imagine

Ian Cuevas [3:21 PM]:

Matt Brown [3:21 PM]:


Christopher Jason [3:21 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:20 PM]:

Get off the field, defense.

ahowie [3:19 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Can I program my browser to just automatically rec these?

Luke Zimmermann [3:17 PM]:

4th 10:38
Ohio State Something something Utah
Illinois 29

Ian Cuevas [3:14 PM]:

Basil kicks the field goal, making it a three-score game once more.

Christopher Jason [3:14 PM]:

i hate how this is still “a game” when it shouldn’t be at all

Ian Cuevas [3:13 PM]:

Heck, I say just go for it.

BrightandSunny [3:11 PM]:

16 second half points by Marquette. They somehow got worse after halftime.

Matt Brown [3:10 PM]:

I wonder if Ohio State gets to around #7 in the hoops polls

Ian Cuevas [3:08 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Yup. Not defending this performance, just thought it was funny.

BrightandSunny [3:07 PM]:

A made free throw!

Luke Zimmermann [3:07 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas It’s Illinois.

ahowie [3:07 PM]:

Why the hell is Marquett fouling? F off, Buzz.

Ian Cuevas [3:06 PM]:

Culp's Freaking Hill [3:06 PM]:

This defense is going to get their ass kicked in practice.

Luke Zimmermann [3:06 PM]:

Not really sure how anyone in earnest will be able to argue that Ohio State deserves the benefit of the doubt against some of the nation’s best after today’s showing but I’m sure MOCK OUTRAGE INTERNET will find a way.

Ian Cuevas [3:05 PM]:

Illinois gets the two point conversion, and it’s a 15-point game.

ahowie [3:05 PM]:

Wisco holds Indiana to 3 points and we’re doing whatever this is.

Christopher Jason [3:04 PM]:


BrightandSunny [3:04 PM]:

So much for the “OSU doesn’t give up 20 yard runs” line.

Ian Cuevas [3:04 PM]:

And now Illinois scores another touchdown.

Ian Cuevas [3:04 PM]:

Scheelhaase just keeps running all over this defense.

Luke Zimmermann [3:04 PM]:

Remember when we thought the basketball team was the one that would look uninspiring today?

Matt Brown [3:03 PM]:


BrightandSunny [3:00 PM]:

Hope Marquette fans weren’t playing the “shot for every 3 pointer” drinking game. They’d be stone cold sober.

Matt Brown [2:59 PM]:

Man, that was a great catch

Luke Zimmermann [2:58 PM]:

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:58 PM]:

Missed FG.

Ian Cuevas [2:58 PM]:

Drew Basil missing the 49-yard field goal.

BrightandSunny [2:58 PM]:

Marquette could legitimately get back into this if the play hack-a-Buckeye.

Ian Cuevas [2:57 PM]:

Hyde is only about five yards short of another 100-yard rushing performance. Still have all of the fourth quarter.

Matt Brown [2:57 PM]:

OSU Football is going to outscore Marquette basketball

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:56 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas ESPN replays overthrows ALLLLLL NIGHTTTT LONGGGGG

Ian Cuevas [2:56 PM]:

At least Braxton Miller is back in. And still overthrowing Devin Smith. THANKS WIND.

Ian Cuevas [2:55 PM]:

Full speed ahead for Ohio State.

Luke Zimmermann [2:55 PM]:

2nd 4:54
Ohio State 48
Marquette A lot less

ahowie [2:55 PM]:

And basketball Bucks are up twenty. #wut

Ian Cuevas [2:54 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Hmm. Too close to tell, I’ll have to look at the replay. Wait..

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:53 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann 42 got worked in both plays.

Luke Zimmermann [2:53 PM]:

Do you guys think he got in or

ahowie [2:52 PM]:

@Culp’s Freaking Hill This basketball game has broken my brain, shattered my reality.

BrightandSunny [2:51 PM]:

Great transition game in Marquette.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:51 PM]:

@ahowie You’re getting real Tyler Durden.

BrightandSunny [2:51 PM]:

Marquette is gifting this game away.

ahowie [2:50 PM]:

@ahowie what are you even saying bro?

ahowie [2:50 PM]:

Marquette going zone. Probably a smart room.

Luke Zimmermann [2:49 PM]:

Hyde didn’t get in, but this was MANSOME

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:49 PM]:

Oh, that is a shit call.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:48 PM]:


AJ King [2:47 PM]:

that was a sick run by carlos

Ian Cuevas [2:47 PM]:

Fantastic push by Carlos Hyde. Way to keep his legs driving, even with someone grabbing on his facemask.

Matt Brown [2:47 PM]:

Yeah, 44-21 seems a hell of a lot more comfortable than 35-21.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:46 PM]:

Hyde just manned up this shit.

BrightandSunny [2:46 PM]:

The classic Jim Burr double foul.

BrightandSunny [2:46 PM]:

The classic Jim

Luke Zimmermann [2:45 PM]:

BrightandSunny [2:45 PM]:

Should be targeting and late hit, right?

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:44 PM]:

Sam with a huge 3. Up by 14.

ahowie [2:43 PM]:

Instagram Sam the only one with a jump shot approaching the “pure” realm.

Ian Cuevas [2:43 PM]:

Braxton Miller down on the field

Ian Cuevas [2:43 PM]:

Chris Fields was WIDE open on that throw. Great protection from the offensive line.

BrightandSunny [2:43 PM]:

Basketball team putting the opposite of a clinic on FT shooting right now

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:42 PM]:

Basketball Buckeyes are 3/11 from the charity stripe. THAT IS SHIT.

Dan Vest [2:41 PM]:


ahowie [2:41 PM]:


ahowie [2:41 PM]:

Craft is so awesome.

Dan Vest [2:41 PM]:

Great play by the Defense. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:40 PM]:

Should have been a TD, but whatevs

Luke Zimmermann [2:40 PM]:

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:40 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:40 PM]:

Ryan Shazier coming up big, strips the ball, which results in a safety.

Matt Brown [2:40 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:39 PM]:

False start on Illinois with backup QB in the game. 3rd and 14.

ahowie [2:39 PM]:


Matt Brown [2:39 PM]:

Craft is on Triple Double Watch

Luke Zimmermann [2:38 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [2:37 PM]:

Great punt.

Ian Cuevas [2:37 PM]:

Well, he got a bad spot.

Matt Brown [2:36 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [2:36 PM]:

Wow. I’d like to see a replay.

Dan Vest [2:36 PM]:

Oh, man. That spot. I thought he had it.

Ian Cuevas [2:36 PM]:

Excellent effort by Hyde to dive for the first down.

Ian Cuevas [2:35 PM]:

Braxton Miller has nowhere to go either. Another big third down.

BrightandSunny [2:35 PM]:

Much better 2nd half…basketball-wise.

Ian Cuevas [2:35 PM]:

Nothing there for Carlos Hyde.

BrightandSunny [2:34 PM]:

@ahowie Thompson travels a lot and gets away with it.

Matt Brown [2:34 PM]:

Southern Miss is almost looking bad enough for Gene Smith to add them to the 2016 schedule

ahowie [2:33 PM]:

I swear Marquette has gotten away with a handful of fairly obvious travels today.

BrightandSunny [2:33 PM]:

Why is this team chucking up 3’s when they are awful at them? Their 12-4 came from taking it inside.

ahowie [2:33 PM]:

Lenzelle is so huge on the boards.

Luke Zimmermann [2:33 PM]:

@Culp’s Freaking Hill Better than watching this football game.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:32 PM]:

McDonald air ball

BrightandSunny [2:32 PM]:

Craft with his 1,000 career point

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:32 PM]:

ahowie [2:32 PM]:

@Culp’s Freaking Hill Unfortunately it was the right one. No idea why he extended his arm so far out.

BrightandSunny [2:32 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [2:31 PM]:

Foul called on Craft. He seemed disappointed with the referee’s decision.

ahowie [2:30 PM]:

LQR is a trainwreck. This is bullshit.

Luke Zimmermann [2:30 PM]:

@ahowie Looked good coming out of hands. Looked, well, bad every way that matters.

ahowie [2:30 PM]:

Scott really needs to stop shooting jumpers.

Matt Brown [2:28 PM]:

Ugh, I may break something today.

Luke Zimmermann [2:28 PM]:

Earmuffs, boys and girls.

Dan Vest [2:28 PM]:

…and then caught another one.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:28 PM]:

Oh assdick

Ian Cuevas [2:27 PM]:

Oh, man.

Dan Vest [2:27 PM]:

Dodged a bullet. Great effort by Hyde.

Matt Brown [2:27 PM]:

Likewise. Great fight there for Hyde

Ian Cuevas [2:27 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Literally just did this.

Luke Zimmermann [2:27 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [2:27 PM]:

/Takes super deep breath

Christopher Jason [2:26 PM]:

receiver’s aren’t getting any separation either

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:26 PM]:

@RedStorm45 Everything about him is going to be an issue all year.

Ian Cuevas [2:26 PM]:

4th and short for Ohio State. Buckeyes appear to be going for it, but injured player for Illinois.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:26 PM]:

Go for it

BrightandSunny [2:26 PM]:

Amir with his 3rd foul. Going to be an issue all year.

ahowie [2:26 PM]:

I genuinely do not understand these fouls on Amir at all. He’s not using his hands, which was the emphasis. You have to let him use his lower body at least a little bit. He’s not being excessive.

Matt Brown [2:25 PM]:

Braxton Miller has not looked like the passyser he’s been for the past few games AT ALL. Just missing gu

BrightandSunny [2:25 PM]:

Is this the 2011 Braxton? I want the 2013 version back.

ahowie [2:25 PM]:

Hate that shot from Scott. Come on, man.

ahowie [2:24 PM]:

Basketball team is dangerously close to overtaking the score lead over the football team.

Ian Cuevas [2:24 PM]:

Phew. Ohio State finally got a flag going for them.

Matt Brown [2:23 PM]:

Let’s worry instead about actually winning the game. A teensy bit of low grade panic may be allowed

Matt Brown [2:23 PM]:

Ugh, now we get to hear about STYLE POINTS

Luke Zimmermann [2:23 PM]:

@RedStorm45 That’s fair. Just meant more results oriented. /LET’S GET UGLYYYYY

BrightandSunny [2:22 PM]:

Still 3/9 at the line. I’ll never understand how Matta’s teams are so bad at FT’s.

BrightandSunny [2:22 PM]:

12-4 run out of the half

Ian Cuevas [2:21 PM]:

@RedStorm45 A 35-14 lead with multiple injuries on defense is acceptable.

ahowie [2:21 PM]:

Finally getting some easy buckets.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:21 PM]:

@RedStorm45 At least in the 1st quarter

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:20 PM]:

Shannon Scott made a lay up, stole the ball, achieved AND-1 scenario in the last 25 seconds.

BrightandSunny [2:20 PM]:

Luke – Buckeye FB had good mojo the first half? Pretty lackluster effort.

ahowie [2:20 PM]:

SCOTT FREE (throws)

Luke Zimmermann [2:19 PM]:

Maybe in like some kind of Freaky Friday-esque scenario?

Luke Zimmermann [2:19 PM]:

Is it possible the basketball team and the football teams traded mojo at half time?

Ian Cuevas [2:18 PM]:

Wide open receiver in the back of the endzone.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:18 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [2:18 PM]:

Yeah, jump at that Buckeye DL

Luke Zimmermann [2:16 PM]:

Just as Marquette gets an and one situation.

Ian Cuevas [2:16 PM]:

Not very good coverage right there, Ohio State.

ahowie [2:16 PM]:

I don’t understand basketball anymore if that is a foul on Amir.

Luke Zimmermann [2:16 PM]:

Get out the hemlock, boys.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:15 PM]:

Cam Williams got good pressure, but was blocked out of the play by RB…..ugh

Ian Cuevas [2:15 PM]:

Illinois moving the ball on offense with success. Driving down the field with ease right now.

Ian Cuevas [2:14 PM]:

@Culp’s Freaking Hill Might be a concussion. Could have strained his neck, though.

BrightandSunny [2:13 PM]:

What’s the lead needed to pull the starters? 35? 42?

Christopher Jason [2:13 PM]:

It’s not bad thing to have Washington as his back-up atleast

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:13 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Any thoughts on what it could be?

Ian Cuevas [2:13 PM]:

Bosa walked off under his own power.

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:10 PM]:


Matt Brown [2:10 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:10 PM]:

Second half underway…Bosa is down.

Christopher Jason [2:10 PM]:

roby knocked out bosa

Christopher Jason [2:10 PM]:

uh oh

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:09 PM]:

That coach (GA, probably) standing next to Braxton is 12 years old.

BrightandSunny [2:05 PM]:

You wouldn’t even be drunk if you took a shot for every made 3.

Matt Brown [2:04 PM]:

These score updates are my favorite thing

Culp's Freaking Hill [2:03 PM]:

@Dan Vest It is the bullshit, exactly like the flow of the basketball game and 2nd half of the football game

AJ King [2:01 PM]:

A nice brisk 26% from the field guys lolololol

Ian Cuevas [2:01 PM]:

@Dan Vest Yeah, not a fan of basketball games being played at the same time. Especially bigger games like this.

Dan Vest [2:00 PM]:

It’s enough of a crime that these games are both on at the same time…but both at halftime at the same time? I’ll be writing a letter to …. somebody

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:59 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann rec’d so hard

Ian Cuevas [1:59 PM]:

Great pass by Della Valle to get that to Loving.

Luke Zimmermann [1:59 PM]:

Half time
Marquette YOLO

ahowie [1:59 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann YEP

Ian Cuevas [1:59 PM]:

Great pass by Della Valle to get that to Loving.

ahowie [1:59 PM]:

Loving is going to be real good.

Luke Zimmermann [1:58 PM]:

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:58 PM]:

Holy Shit.

Matt Brown [1:58 PM]:

Marquette is doing some work on the glass today

Ian Cuevas [1:57 PM]:

Man, these FG percentages..

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:57 PM]:

Did Thad just run on the court and spank him?

ahowie [1:57 PM]:

EVERYTHING is a foul now but Mayo is allowed to push and grab Sam out of bounds and get the ball back. Then Loving immediately gets called for something yet he was not using his hands and sliding with his feet. This is the stupidest fucking thing.

Luke Zimmermann [1:57 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [1:56 PM]:

Also, it really could have been a foul against Marquette on grabbing Sam

ahowie [1:56 PM]:

Why didn’t Sam just freaking grab the ball. This isn’t soccer. And why wasn’t that a foul on Mayo?

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:56 PM]:


ahowie [1:55 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann alternate (re: better) joke: “No Basket” will be the name of the 30 for 30 special they make about this game

ahowie [1:55 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann “no basket”: the story of this game

Ian Cuevas [1:54 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [1:53 PM]:

That no basket is the best thing to happen to Ohio State since that last offensive foul.

Luke Zimmermann [1:52 PM]:

@ahowie looooooooool

ahowie [1:51 PM]:

The irony of Buzz Williams out on the court trying to clean up sweat off the court is off the charts.

Luke Zimmermann [1:51 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Crying.

Ryan Nanni [1:51 PM]:

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:50 PM]:

@Matt Brown My wife: “His mouth is so spitty.”

Luke Zimmermann [1:50 PM]:

Brutus is too nice

Dan Vest [1:49 PM]:

Thanks, Lou!

Matt Brown [1:48 PM]:

My wife is watching this game with me, and Lou Holtz just came on. “Who is that crazy old man and why is he on TV?” she asks. Good question.

ahowie [1:47 PM]:

This team doesn’t even look like it knows how to play the sport. This is the worst performance from a supposedly good team I think I’ve ever seen.

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:47 PM]:

And this basketball game is just something else

Luke Zimmermann [1:47 PM]:


Matt Brown [1:47 PM]:

I would NOT want to be in the halftime lockerroom for Ohio State

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:46 PM]:

Damnit. He had a chance, I think.

Christopher Jason [1:46 PM]:

Urbz is pissed

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:46 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [1:46 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [1:46 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:46 PM]:

Braxton Miller’s hail mary sails out of bounds, Ohio State heads into the half

Christopher Jason [1:45 PM]:


Christopher Jason [1:45 PM]:


Christopher Jason [1:45 PM]:

Braxton with the wind, TD coming…

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:44 PM]:

That was a pretty shitty call on McDonald.

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:44 PM]:

Free throws!

ahowie [1:44 PM]:

3/8 FTs. I’m going to freaking puke.

Luke Zimmermann [1:43 PM]:

Marquette’s fans seem, uh, into this

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:43 PM]:

Spence just destroyed that tackle.

Ian Cuevas [1:42 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Getting in the spirit of the basketball season, is all.

ahowie [1:42 PM]:

LQR shooting as open a three as you get and he wasn’t even close.

Luke Zimmermann [1:42 PM]:

Pretty sure Scheelhaase just attempted a bounce pass.

Ian Cuevas [1:42 PM]:

Illinois crosses midfield with 24 seconds left in the half.

Luke Zimmermann [1:41 PM]:

So, we just learned what happens when ADV tries to take it to the hole.

Luke Zimmermann [1:40 PM]:

@Dan Vest That is an auto fireable offense, too.

Dan Vest [1:40 PM]:

Kansas up 17-7 over WVU at the half. Coud a Charlie Weis conference win be in the cards?

Luke Zimmermann [1:39 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [1:38 PM]:

@ahowie It was still p dumb

ahowie [1:38 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann That doesn’t show the actual technical “offense,” though. He got whistled for putting his arms up and doing the “I’m a strong man” flex. So dumb 2

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:37 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann So dumb

ahowie [1:37 PM]:

LQR is an absolute mess. It’s amazing how much he can even stand out in this game when almost everything is the worst ever.

Luke Zimmermann [1:36 PM]:

This was the technical play in question:

Ian Cuevas [1:36 PM]:

Buckeyes getting ready to punt.

Dan Vest [1:35 PM]:

@Matt Brown To state the obvious, if he doesnt pick it up this team is going to struggle to score all season long.

Ian Cuevas [1:35 PM]:

Carlos Hyde might have lost a yard right there.

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:34 PM]:

@ahowie So disappointing… :(

Ian Cuevas [1:34 PM]:

Braxton Miller overthrowing a wide open Devin Smith again. Wind is really playing a factor.

Matt Brown [1:34 PM]:

Sooo…whatever happened to Ross as a primary scorer?

ahowie [1:34 PM]:

Welp, Amir is still incredibly soft. What a disappointing lack of development. I just don’t get it. He’s never once looked like he did when he flashed at the McDonald’s AA game.

Ian Cuevas [1:33 PM]:

2:25 left in the half for Ohio State to score. Illinois gets the ball to start the second half.

ahowie [1:32 PM]:

1) why the fuck is that a technical? 2) why the funk is it two shots for a technical in college ughhhhhhhhh this game

Chris Kopech [1:32 PM]:

@Dan Vest the only player in college football who gets that lucky with freaking jump balls is Johnny Futbol

Luke Zimmermann [1:32 PM]:

uhhhhh Technical?

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:32 PM]:

Good things happening for basketball Bucks

ahowie [1:32 PM]:

Bosa (am I doing this right?)

Ian Cuevas [1:31 PM]:

Illinois scores again. This time it’s on offense.

DerekH91 [1:31 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:31 PM]:

@Culp’s Freaking Hill The live chat…it’s taking over your whole being.

Dan Vest [1:31 PM]:

That first-down throw was Eli-esque

ahowie [1:31 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann He just gave himself five. Maybe six.

ahowie [1:31 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [1:31 PM]:

Wait…I don’t know why it did that.

Luke Zimmermann [1:30 PM]:

Lenzelle Smith Jr hits a three. They should give him 5 for it.

Culp's Freaking Hill [1:30 PM]:

@Matt Brown Bosa

Dan Vest [1:30 PM]:

Joey Bosa is having himself a game. 3 sacks in the first half.

Matt Brown [1:29 PM]:

So those jokes about Ohio State football outscoring the basketball team might not have been jokes, at this rate anyway

Luke Zimmermann [1:29 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [1:28 PM]:

@ahowie #WelcomeTo2013

ahowie [1:28 PM]:

Amir WIlliams literally did nothing but stand straight up with his hands straiht up and he gets whistled.

Matt Brown [1:28 PM]:

Whats the yammering about intelligence about?

Chris Kopech [1:27 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Hyde yo kids, Hyde yo wife

Luke Zimmermann [1:27 PM]:


Culp's Freaking Hill [1:27 PM]:

Go Oranges.

Ian Cuevas [1:26 PM]:

Can’t wait until Syracuse upsets Florida State, you guys.

Luke Zimmermann [1:24 PM]:


Dan Vest [1:24 PM]:

Iowa St. currently up 10-3 over Oklahoma. Fortunately, it’s 12:30 CT so Barry Switzer is probably too bombed to realize it.

ahowie [1:23 PM]:

Marquette and OSU should be disqualified from the tournament for subjecting fans to this. #onlyonewatchingbasketball

DerekH91 [1:23 PM]:

Heh, brings down Hyde’s YPC

Ian Cuevas [1:23 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Goalkeepers aren’t looking so good.

Ian Cuevas [1:22 PM]:

Carlos Hyde with his second touchdown of the day, first rushing. Made it look easy.

Ryan Nanni [1:22 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Soccer is awesome.

ahowie [1:21 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann This is the first game I’ve actually been able to watch, so the ugliness is too real for me now.

Luke Zimmermann [1:21 PM]:

1st 13:15
Ohio State 5 (not bricks)
Marquette 4 (not bricks)

Ian Cuevas [1:21 PM]:

Darryl Baldwin in at left tackle for Jack Mewhort, who is on the sideline icing his knee.

Luke Zimmermann [1:21 PM]:

@ahowie He’s been so insanely passive in the first half of games so far on the season.

ahowie [1:19 PM]:

This basketball game is hurting me dearly. LQR has to be better.

Luke Zimmermann [1:19 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas This is what happens when you play football in a low key cyclone.

Ted Glover [1:19 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:18 PM]:

Loved how the camera slowly panned over the ball..suspense building..then whoops, fell off the tee again.

Christopher Jason [1:18 PM]:

Reeves missed the first one then there was a real bad one at the end

Ian Cuevas [1:17 PM]:

@Run Home Jack There goes Ohio State’s chances at doing anything the rest of the season.

Chris Kopech [1:16 PM]:

I saw about 4 or 5 missed tackles there…some can be written off by good running but,……….

Christopher Jason [1:16 PM]:

who missed that tackle? jeez

Ryan Nanni [1:16 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:16 PM]:

Illinois gets on the board after a punt return for a touchdown.

Ian Cuevas [1:15 PM]:

Welp. That’s not how our punt team is supposed to work.

Christopher Jason [1:15 PM]:


Ted Glover [1:15 PM]:


Matt Brown [1:15 PM]:

what manner of special teams is this?!?!?

Ian Cuevas [1:14 PM]:

Big sack on Braxton Miller right there, as he tried to escape the pressure but couldn’t get away.

Luke Zimmermann [1:14 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [1:13 PM]:

@Dan Vest Yes, in the sense that we will cause serious indigestion when FSU eats us alive.

Chris Kopech [1:13 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas It’s Brian Griese, don’t expect much.

Ian Cuevas [1:13 PM]:

Did the announcer really just say…the turtle looks like a squirrel?

Dan Vest [1:12 PM]:

@Run Home Jack It won’t matter too much because Florida is going to upset FSU in a few weeks. Right? Right???

DerekH91 [1:12 PM]:

Shazier almost killed that reciever

Ian Cuevas [1:11 PM]:

Another good stop by the defense. Illinois will punt.

Ryan Nanni [1:11 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas (No, it is. GO BLUE DEVILS)

Ian Cuevas [1:10 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Wait…it’s not?

Ian Cuevas [1:10 PM]:

@ahowie Welcome!

Dan Vest [1:10 PM]:

Buckeye Hoops out to what should be an insurmountable 1-0 lead.

Ryan Nanni [1:10 PM]:

So who’s ready for FSU fans to talk about how beating Duke in the ACCCG is better than any win Ohio State’s had in the last decade?

Luke Zimmermann [1:10 PM]:

@ahowie Now that you’ve taken the Scarlet pill, it is.

Ian Cuevas [1:09 PM]:

Joey Bosa with another sack for the Buckeyes!

Luke Zimmermann [1:09 PM]:

ahowie [1:09 PM]:

I don’t know what’s going on! Is this how comment sections work now? Also holy hell this basketball is awful so far.

Matt Brown [1:08 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:08 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Accurate.

Luke Zimmermann [1:08 PM]:

1st 18:37
Ohio State FOUL
Marquette FOUL

Dan Vest [1:08 PM]:

@DerekH91 I believe that the first pass of the game was thrown his way, but yeah, he hasn’t been needed thus far. I’m sure he’ll get his touches in the second half.

Matt Brown [1:07 PM]:

Hope you started Braxton in your fantasy team

Ted Glover [1:07 PM]:

Illinois is so, so bad

DerekH91 [1:06 PM]:

Not that they’ve needed him, but surprised Wilson hasn’t been in yet

Ian Cuevas [1:06 PM]:

Braxton Miller to Philly Brown gets another touchdown for the Buckeyes. Miller has two passing touchdowns, one rushing.

Ian Cuevas [1:05 PM]:

@Andrew Huster I like the wooden turtle. Great addition in the center of a dining room table.

Christopher Jason [1:05 PM]:

too easy

Andrew Huster [1:05 PM]:


Andrew Huster [1:04 PM]:

And how it should be a live turtle

Andrew Huster [1:04 PM]:

Guys on the radio discussing the trophy

Andrew Huster [1:03 PM]:

insert joke about Time Warner here

Ian Cuevas [1:03 PM]:

@Andrew Huster Welcome aboard. Glad to have you.

Luke Zimmermann [1:03 PM]:

@Andrew Huster We’ve got you covered.

DerekH91 [1:03 PM]:

@Andrew Huster Keels?

Andrew Huster [1:03 PM]:

GIFs are better anyway.

Andrew Huster [1:02 PM]:

My cable refuses to work, so I’ve been forced to listen on the radio, and rely on you guys to keep me posted.

Ian Cuevas [1:02 PM]:

Ahh, the dreaded “juke everyone out of their shoes but also your own”

Dan Vest [1:02 PM]:

125 yards in 20 minutes for Braxton.

DerekH91 [1:02 PM]:


Matt Brown [1:01 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

In other news, Ohio State and Marquette going to tip off here in a bit.

Luke Zimmermann [1:00 PM]:

Bobby Caldwell Mitsubishi commercial. Pretty sure Mayer Hawthorne owes that guy royalties

Luke Zimmermann [12:58 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Not inaccuarte

Ryan Nanni [12:57 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann “This team isn’t anywhere close to where I want it to be. We’re making mistakes on both lines, we’re not tackling well, and we’ve yet to resurrect a single dead body. But that’s what spring ball is for.”

Ian Cuevas [12:57 PM]:

Joey Bosa was the one who came away with that sack, by the way.

Matt Brown [12:57 PM]:

Make that a million and five.

DerekH91 [12:57 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann The Sultan of Swat? The Colossus of Clout?

Matt Brown [12:57 PM]:

If my math is corret, I believe that sets up 4th and a million

Ian Cuevas [12:56 PM]:

@Run Home Jack They have yet to get the ball in the hoop.

Ted Glover [12:56 PM]:

ITS CHT WOOO, I mean Run Home Jack…WOOOOOO

Ryan Nanni [12:56 PM]:

G Gatrs

Luke Zimmermann [12:56 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Give us your most completely fictional Urban Meyer anecdote

Ted Glover [12:56 PM]:

Scheelhaase looks so so bad today

Luke Zimmermann [12:56 PM]:

Welcome noted Will Muschamp era sufferer, Celebrity Hot Tub aka Run Home Jack aka The Big Quinoa to our little party

Christopher Jason [12:56 PM]:

Bennett has been great this season

Ian Cuevas [12:56 PM]:

ESPN announcers saying if Alabama and FSU win out, they’ll play in the BCS title game. Let’s start a movement to put the NCAA and their media puppets in their place.

DerekH91 [12:55 PM]:

That Alabama Miss St game is gonna be a trainwreck

Dan Vest [12:55 PM]:

Well, that was just unacceptable. Probably tripled our punt return yardage for the year.

Ryan Nanni [12:55 PM]:

yo guys how about that illinois basketball squad

Ted Glover [12:55 PM]:

Looks like Hyde vs. Illinois today

Matt Brown [12:55 PM]:

Wow, Illinois landed quite a block there.

Luke Zimmermann [12:54 PM]:

C.J. Barnett got wooooooorked, there

Ted Glover [12:54 PM]:

Thought I posted a pic of that 400 pound HS RB

Ted Glover [12:54 PM]:


Dan Vest [12:54 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas He was a psychology major, you know?

Ian Cuevas [12:52 PM]:

@Dan Vest He’s doing squats to warm up his legs on the sideline. Hopefully that sends the right message to Hyde. Great coaching by Meyer.

Dan Vest [12:52 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Put Guiton in at RB.

Luke Zimmermann [12:52 PM]:

@Ted Glover We’ve been due for one since that Northwestern abomination.

Ian Cuevas [12:51 PM]:

Time to bench him. He’s just hurting the team at this point.

DerekH91 [12:51 PM]:

They actually gave him a yard on that which seems. . . generous

Matt Brown [12:51 PM]:

I thiiiink he fell forward just enough?

Ted Glover [12:51 PM]:

Calling it now…fake

Ted Glover [12:51 PM]:

They only thing that can stop Hyde is his footing

Chris Kopech [12:50 PM]:

did Hyde just (/rubs eyes) lose a yard????

Ian Cuevas [12:50 PM]:

Carlos Hyde might have lost a yard right there.

DerekH91 [12:50 PM]:

UCF has a funfer going on.

Christopher Jason [12:50 PM]:

I was just going to say the same thing Ian, I love how he kept his eyes downfield the whole time

Ian Cuevas [12:49 PM]:

Good effort by Miller there. He kept his shoulders squared and continued looking down-field.

Ted Glover [12:49 PM]:

Man, love how Braxton keeps his eyes downfield. Last year he would’ve run

Matt Brown [12:49 PM]:

Kentucky is beating Vandy 6-2. BASEBALL JOKE

Ted Glover [12:48 PM]:

@ChristopherJason Let Dontre Wilson give it a shot

Christopher Jason [12:48 PM]:

Maybe Dontre? But fielding a punt is much different than fielding a kickoff

DerekH91 [12:48 PM]:

@Christopher Jason Dontre is the next in line, I’d imagine

Ian Cuevas [12:48 PM]:

Hyde has five carries for 50 yards. Average of a mere 10 yards per carry.

Christopher Jason [12:47 PM]:

I’m not sure who I would want back there besides Philly though

Dan Vest [12:47 PM]:

*as an area that

Dan Vest [12:47 PM]:

@DerekH91 If I remember right, Meyer singled out the return teams this week that needed to improve or changes could be made.

Ian Cuevas [12:47 PM]:

@DerekH91 It’s not your imagination. I’m just happy with not fumbling the ball away.

DerekH91 [12:46 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Yeah, is it my imagination, or have punt returns not been great this year?

Chris Kopech [12:45 PM]:

The big plays today have been really something to watch. This offense is so dangerous when a defense makes the tiniest of mistakes

Ted Glover [12:45 PM]:

//drops mic

Ian Cuevas [12:44 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Tressel approves.

Matt Brown [12:44 PM]:

I really think Carlos Hyde could run for 300 yards on this defense if the team wanted him too. They can’t touch him at all.

Luke Zimmermann [12:44 PM]:

@Ted Glover POWERS

Dan Vest [12:44 PM]:

@Ted Glover Will 26 work? haha

Ian Cuevas [12:44 PM]:

@Ted Glover Leave, you demon

Luke Zimmermann [12:44 PM]:

Thine eyes have seen the glory

Ian Cuevas [12:44 PM]:

I love watching this offense go to work. Makes driving down the entire field look effortless sometimes.

Ted Glover [12:44 PM]:

Hyde busts one for at least 40…coming up

Ian Cuevas [12:43 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann If coach would have put him in during the fourth quarter, they would have won state. No doubt. No doubt in his mind.

Dan Vest [12:43 PM]:

Wow. That was a fantastic punt. I have a feeling we might see a QB sneak called here.

Luke Zimmermann [12:43 PM]:

@DerekH91 Pretty sure that downed punt is the best thing to happen to Illinois all day.

Luke Zimmermann [12:42 PM]:

@Ted Glover NERD LYFE

Luke Zimmermann [12:42 PM]:

“How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?” – Nathan Scheelhaase

Ted Glover [12:42 PM]:

Out of all the GIF’s Luke has posted, still like the macarena band Q one the best. Not apologizing for it, either

Matt Brown [12:42 PM]:

Rece is the king of the dad joke.

Dan Vest [12:41 PM]:

@Matt Brown Did you here Rece? Pur-doesn’t! zing

DerekH91 [12:41 PM]:

Jesus, not having any problems gaining yards

Matt Brown [12:40 PM]:

you guys, ESPN just told me that Purdue is losing. WHAT?!?

Luke Zimmermann [12:40 PM]:

@Dan VestNOT AS MANY AS BAYLOR!” – Some guy on the Internet. Probably.

Ian Cuevas [12:40 PM]:

Missed tackle leads to an Illinois first down.

Dan Vest [12:40 PM]:

And we’ve still got 3:19 left.

Dan Vest [12:39 PM]:

63 first-quarter points over the last 3 games.

Luke Zimmermann [12:38 PM]:

@Christopher Jason Hard to argue.

Ian Cuevas [12:38 PM]:

Roby’s pick six went 63 yards. Impressive run.

Christopher Jason [12:38 PM]:

This live chat is awesome

Luke Zimmermann [12:38 PM]:

House call, Bradley Roby:

Dan Vest [12:36 PM]:

Ohio State’s first-quarter scoring these last few weeks has been something special.

Ian Cuevas [12:35 PM]:

Bradley Roby gets the tip, and takes the interception for six!

Ted Glover [12:35 PM]:

Pick Six!!

Matt Brown [12:35 PM]:


Matt Brown [12:35 PM]:

Let’s not even pretend that Tim Beckman has a LinkedIn Account. He’s more of a Myspace kind of guy.

Luke Zimmermann [12:32 PM]:

1st 4:33
Roll Hyde 14
Tim Beckman’s LinkedIn Account 0

Ian Cuevas [12:31 PM]:

Not a very good kickoff. Wind got a hold of that one, good job by special teams to pin Illinois before they could get any farther.

Dan Vest [12:31 PM]:

Evan Spencer wiped the field with that DB

Luke Zimmermann [12:29 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [12:26 PM]:

Or Miller can throw it to Hyde in the flats and he can do the rest. Touchdown Buckeyes.

Ted Glover [12:26 PM]:


Chris Kopech [12:26 PM]:

@Dan Vest That was like a bladed chip shot. Hit it flush and you score. Else, it rolls into the trap.

Ian Cuevas [12:26 PM]:

The wind is always a bit tricky. Miller will figure it out eventually.

Luke Zimmermann [12:26 PM]:

@Ted Glover

Dan Vest [12:25 PM]:

Man, Devin Smith could end up with a massive game if Miller can start hitting those.

Ted Glover [12:25 PM]:

Thinking that Philly Brown punt return will be a ‘sell’, lol. Yikes

Ted Glover [12:24 PM]:


Ted Glover [12:24 PM]:

Braxton Miller has really matured as a Q this year

Ian Cuevas [12:24 PM]:

Excellent pocket awareness. Perhaps the best awareness I’ve seen from Miller this year.

Chris Kopech [12:23 PM]:

It never ceases to amaze me that Hyde hasn’t taken a loss all year. That’s an amazing stat.

Luke Zimmermann [12:22 PM]:

He’s not wrong:

Ted Glover [12:22 PM]:

Hyde is such a beast. BEAST

Ian Cuevas [12:21 PM]:

I’m in awe every time Carlos Hyde runs the football and carries defenders like he did on that run.

Dan Vest [12:21 PM]:

Wouldn’t be surprised to see 40, 50 yards of Carlos on this drive.

TheBigCat2192 [12:20 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [12:20 PM]:

(Philly Brown, not Ted, natch)

Ian Cuevas [12:20 PM]:

Philly Brown doing the opposite of gaining field position on that punt return.

Luke Zimmermann [12:20 PM]:

You’ve chosen… Poorly.

Ted Glover [12:19 PM]:

@Luke Zimmerman…went to there in ’10 or ’11, whenever the last time was OSU went to Illinois. Had a good time

Ted Glover [12:18 PM]:

If I didn’t have my daughter vidsiting, I would’ve road tripped. But no, I can’t.

Luke Zimmermann [12:18 PM]:

Let’s try that Barnett pick one more time:

Luke Zimmermann [12:17 PM]:

@Ted Glover Can you really blame them, though?

Ted Glover [12:17 PM]:

So many empty seats…

Ian Cuevas [12:17 PM]:

Nice job by Cameron Johnston to pin Illinois inside their own five.

Ian Cuevas [12:14 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 Assuming it has to do with the cold.

Luke Zimmermann [12:14 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 Probably just cold, no?

Ian Cuevas [12:14 PM]:

Yikes. Not a good offensive series there.

TheBigCat2192 [12:14 PM]:

What’s with the gloves?

Luke Zimmermann [12:14 PM]:

How that was air mailed, we’ll never know.

Dan Vest [12:13 PM]:

Two gloves? You’re from Ohio, Braxton. You can’t be that cold!

Ian Cuevas [12:13 PM]:

Snap gets away from Braxton Miller as he falls on it in the backfield.

Ted Glover [12:12 PM]:

So yeah, Grandson just fell asleep. ILLINOIS IS SO BAD THEY BORE INFANTS

Ted Glover [12:11 PM]:

#SolidTakeaway, Ian

Ian Cuevas [12:11 PM]:

@Ted Glover Illinois has safeties? Wow.

Ted Glover [12:10 PM]:

Good Lord, watching that Braxton GIF…where were the safeties?

Chris Kopech [12:09 PM]:

That’s 11 straight games with a pick for the defense, going back to Michigan.

Ian Cuevas [12:09 PM]:

C.J. Barnett stepping up big right there. Good INT.

TheBigCat2192 [12:08 PM]:

WTF is the defense doing?

Luke Zimmermann [12:08 PM]:

Dan Vest [12:08 PM]:

Great play by Shazier to slow down the momentum

Ian Cuevas [12:07 PM]:

Illinois finding a hole right there in coverage. LB bit on the play fake.

Ted Glover [12:06 PM]:

Braxton is only 1-2 passing. Bench him.

Dan Vest [12:03 PM]:

Braxton Miller, ladies and gentlemen.

Luke Zimmermann [12:03 PM]:

Freshman Ezekiel Elliott with his first career start.

Ian Cuevas [12:00 PM]:

Corso picked USC over Stanford. Interesting.

Luke Zimmermann [11:59 AM]:

Pick the road team on GameDay? Lose the crowd.

Luke Zimmermann [11:55 AM]:

@TheBigCat2192 I’ll say… Still Illinois. Roll damn Hyde.

Ian Cuevas [11:54 AM]:

@TheBigCat2192 A little. This isn’t a great Illinois team, and our LB depth isn’t very deep. We’ll see what happens.

TheBigCat2192 [11:53 AM]:

How worrying is both Perry and Grant being out today?

Ian Cuevas [11:52 AM]:

@Luke Zimmermann It really is quite embarrassing. Why would you even admit to that?

Luke Zimmermann [11:52 AM]:

Luke Zimmermann [11:51 AM]:

LGHL distinguished alumni David Regimbal with a great point:

Ian Cuevas [11:51 AM]:

I wonder how this affects his chances of getting 1,000 yards. Hopefully he’ll still get plenty of carries.

Ian Cuevas [11:49 AM]:

Er, starting*

Ian Cuevas [11:49 AM]:

Carlos Hyde not playing today due to missing class…

Luke Zimmermann [11:49 AM]:

Ian Cuevas [11:48 AM]:

I’m ready for this thing to get started. Unlike the state of Illinois, who decided not to show up today.

Luke Zimmermann [11:46 AM]:

Welcome, Holy Landers.