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Ohio State wearing these all-white 2013 alternate uniforms vs Michigan

According to (and later confirmed by our Andrew Lind), this is a photo of the all-white Nike rivalry jerseys (think like the Wisconsin game and last year's Michigan game) the Buckeyes will wear against UM on the road this year.

We've known for sometime now that Ohio State would wear a road iteration of the Nike Rivalry uniforms the Buckeyes wore against Wisconsin. According to (and since confirmed by our Andrew Lind), the following is the uniform Ohio State will be wearing in this year's edition of The Game:

The uniforms certainly match much of what we've heard, and while there's a certain aesthetic to the photo that makes it look altered, the photos match what Andrew had seen previously. Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors later confirmed Pick Six Previews and Andrew's reports, going on to say the jerseys were well received by OSU players.

A Nike source had previously told Land-Grant Holy Land that Nike produced two versions of the Rivalry uniforms last year. One was obviously worn during the team's 26-21 victory over Michigan, while the other wasn't ultimately utilized, but was available in case the team elected to wear them on the road. The source went on to clarify that this has been standard practice in other years (which explains why you see photos of the original Nike Pro Combat uniforms floating around in red though the team only ever wore them in white).

The same source says the team was planning on unveiling the uniforms in a ceremony not unlike they did Michigan week last year, and that apparently one of the promo photos must have leaked leading to the above.

What are your thoughts on the uniforms Ohio State will be wearing against UM? Let us know in the poll below.

Andrew Lind contributed to this report.

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