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Photos: Ohio State's 2013 alternate uniforms vs Michigan

Ohio State's released a gallery of photos of the all-white alternate "Rivalry" uniforms the Buckeyes will be wearing against Michigan November 30th.

Following in the wake of Pick Six Previews, our Andrew Lind, and others' reports about the Buckeyes donning all-white 2013 Nike Rivalry alternate jerseys against Michigan in two weeks, the university has released promotional images of the jerseys the Buckeyes will be wearing.

Conforming to the same design standards of the jerseys the Buckeyes wore against Wisconsin during arguably the biggest recruiting weekend of the year, this year's uniforms revisit the Chrome helmets the Buckeyes wore against Michigan last year during OSU's 26-20 victory to clinch just the sixth unbeaten season in school history. They additionally have much larger uniform numbers than normal with a white outline (though in others, it almost appears gray) around the scarlet , larger typeface. The shoulder stripes are larger and more pronounced and appear to be a bit more conformed to form than those on the ordinary Ohio State football jerseys.

The collar features the Athletic O, but uses the older version that athletic department is in the process of phasing out. This would certainly be in line with the idea that the uniforms were designed a year ago in conjunction with the ones the Buckeyes wore against UM then.