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Ohio State football: Philly Brown's Twitter Q&A is as good as expected

Ohio State WR Philly Brown took to Twitter to address questions from fans, and it was better than advertised.

Philly Brown took to Twitter to field questions from fans
Philly Brown took to Twitter to field questions from fans
Joe Robbins

Ohio State wide receiver Philly Brown took a moment on Thursday to answer questions from a several of his 21,000 followers on Twitter. With questions ranging from if he thinks he can dunk on LeBron, to who he thinks should win the Heisman, Philly's answers were pure gold. Check out what the Philadelphia native had to say below:

We need to make this happen. Like yesterday:

Screw 1st and 2nd team quarterback selections, Philly wants Heismans for his quarterbacks.

Naming Meek Mill as his favorite rapper earlier, Philly surely isn't an Em fan.

As you can see, Brown came to play school AND football.

No shortage of confidence from the Philadelphia native.

The announcement of Roby forgoing his senior season comes as no surprise to Brown.

With the way Derrick Rose has been shooting lately, Chicago could probably use Michael Jordan right now.

Now we understand why Mark Pantoni tweets "BOOM" each time the Buckeyes receive a new commitment.

Good job, good effort, Darqueze Dennard, but Brown rates his teammates higher.