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Ohio State football on pace to break multiple school records in 2013

Everyone is well aware of the Buckeyes' opportunity to set a new school record of 23 consecutive wins with a victory over Indiana on Saturday, but the Buckeyes are on pace to shatter other program records as well.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

It can get lost in all of the discussion about the BCS, and the Buckeyes' bowl possibilities, but the Buckeyes are having a pretty phenomenal season.

It's most evident in their current winning streak, which stands at 22. The Buckeyes have the opportunity to set a school record of 23 consecutive wins with a victory over Indiana on Saturday. Ohio State's current streak of 22 consecutive wins ties Woody Hayes' remarkable winning streak of 22 wins spanning the 1967-1969 seasons.

The winning streak, while impressive, is not the only record the Buckeyes have the potential to set this season. Actually, the Buckeyes have already established one program record so far, just ten games into the season. The Buckeyes have scored 67 touchdowns in 2013, with two regular season games, and theoretically a Big Ten Championship and a bowl appearance to go. The previous record of 64 touchdowns in a single season was set in 1995.

The Buckeyes are on pace to set a new school record for the most points scored in a season. The record is currently 504 points, and was set by John Cooper's Buckeyes in 1998. The 2013 Buckeyes have scored 494 points so far this season, and are averaging 49.4 points per game, so the current record is likely to fall.

The Buckeyes should also be in contention for the top spot in the record books for the total offensive yards in a single season. The current record, set in 1995, is 6,222 offensive yards. The Buckeyes currently have 5,369 total offensive yards, so the high mark is within reach.

Ohio State's ground game is prolific, and it is evident in their yards per carry on the ground. Ohio State's average of 10.5 yards per carry against the Illini set a single-game school record. Ohio State also has the potential to set a school record for total rushing yards in a single season. The current record of 4,199 yards was set in 1974, and has withstood many strong rushing efforts since that time. It may not be able to withstand the 2013 Buckeyes' dominance on the ground. Ohio State currently has 3151 rushing yards on the season, and they are averaging an impressive 315.1 rushing yards per game, good for fourth in the NCAA.

Backup quarterback Kenny Guiton has also set school records this season. Guiton's touchdown pass to Devin Smith against the Cal Golden Bears went for 90 yards, setting the record for the longest play from scrimmage in school history. Guiton also set the program's single game passing touchdowns record when he started against Florida A&M for an injured Braxton Miller. All of Guiton's touchdown passes came in the first half of that blowout game.

Punter Cameron Johnston set a school record for the single game yards-per-punt average with 57.0 against Illinois. The record was previously held by Tom Skladany, who established the record by averaging 52.6 yards per punt against That Team Up North in the 1976 season. Johnston's personal best prior to the Illinois victory was 61 yards. Against the Illini, Johnston eclipsed his personal best with punts of 63, 64 and 71 yards during that game.

The records that have already been set by the 2013 Buckeyes, and the records that are poised to fall, serve as yet another reminder of what a special time this is in Buckeye football history.