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Ohio State alum Jake Ballard drinks Zoltan Mesko/Michigan's milkshake

Jake Ballard, still beating Michigan.

Former Ohio State tight end Jake Ballard, he of the famous catch against Oregon in the Rose Bowl (and later, some moonlighting in helping the New York Giants win another Super Bowl in the post-graduate league), took to Twitter on Monday to make sure that former Wolverine/space emperor of space Zoltan Mesko knew what was what:

It's true. Though Brady Hoke continues to recruit at a rather astonishing clip relative to his success on the field, "Ohio" isn't so much grating that it cuts deep, it's just really, really dumb.

Though the only question that truly remains is whether or not the silly euphemism survives beyond the Hoke era, any opportunities to get some pre-scoreboard scoreboard are always welcome.