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Ohio State-Michigan taken to logical conclusion: Instagram hacking

Ohio State fan hacks an unofficial Michigan football fan Instagram account; lulz ensue.

It's come to this. Apparently sometime last night, an Ohio State fan hacked an unofficial University of Michigan football Instagram account with almost 6000 followers, replacing the avatar with one of Brutus Buckeye and posting the famed viral image of Brutus smashing a Wolverine piñata with a baseball bat.

You can see the offending screen capture of the account here:

According to a report from the individual who captured the screen grab, the change was only visible for 6 minutes.

The athletic department replied to an RT from Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel to further clarify that it wasn't their official account:

Let this be a lesson to all Michigan Men everywhere, however: never make your Instagram password 'Dominos', or something else that can be guessed in just two or three tries.