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Best of the rest: More Ohio State Mirror Lake jump 2013

Mirror Lake night one had a rebellious spirit that would prove hard to match, but the encore looked to live up to many other all-time greats of yesteryear.

If you've ever attended a two-night stay from a particular band or artist, you know that sometimes, the group or performer doesn't quite reach the full extent of their powers until the second of two nights. You also know that if the artist(s) are from the area or have a background performing there, the energy, almost against logic, builds to a breaking point by the time the second night's show has come and gone.

The Mirror Lake jump's 2013 finale proved to be just that.

Despite requiring students to have to sport wristbands and reports abound that those without were shown the door, by all accounts, the Mirror Lake jump 2013 main event proved to be up to par to many hair-freezingly cold or Bonnaroo-worthy muddy years prior and every bit the unforgettable experience for those that partook.

While Land-Grant Holy Land had staff there in attendance, we thought what better way to catalogue the night that was than by taking a look at the best of the rest – the best from those talking about it on social media or cataloguing their best #BeatMichigan for the world to appreciate.

The night started with food (redeemable via tearable pieces of plastic on the wristbands) and an appearance from football players, a Michigan week level fired up Urban Meyer, and naturally, Mekka Don. The Best Damn Band in the Land even found a way to get in on the action in the snow.

But after the pre-manufactured pep rally came and went, it got time for business to be taken care of.

Despite a bit of a slower start than perhaps normal, around 10 or 11, things really started to pick up:

Of course what kind of event would it be without a Beat Michigan flag?

By that point, it was game on:

And things looked to have gotten really real really fast:

And just because there was plenty going on, doesn't mean you couldn't take a second to stop and appreciate a scenic snowy fall night:

The U-S-A chants were a given (and likely continued well throughout the night):

But man, it had to have been pretty cold. The NSFW language here pretty much confirmed it:

Despite the elements, some of the football players at the pep rally earlier managed to stick around to take in the action:

And though the sheer numbers may not have quite measured up to years past (surely some only jumped yesterday while others sat it out because of perceived university interference and/or the elements), the spirit of previous jumps was unquestionably present:

With that many cell phones in one close area, Facebooking and tweeting were rendered difficult, if not impossible for most, but those that got through proved to capture the Mirror Lake jump spirit pretty well:

And though the event was set to end at midnight (and there were some social media rumors that the authorities would force the issue if need be), the party didn't stop then:

Even Coach Meyer's daughter Gigi, a volleyball player at Florida Gulf Coast, managed to get in on the fun. But as Buckeye Sports Bulletin's Jeff Svoboda pointed out, how did she get a wristband?!?!:

The day after looked like it was going to be a doozy for those tasked with cleanup. Welp.

At the end of the day, honestly, if you haven't done it, it's hard to compare it. And while it's easy to secondhand dismiss it, there's just something about being united with other students who've all endured frigid conditions for superstition and a common sense of tribalism. And for those that share it, it's pretty special:

Go Bucks. Beat Michigan.