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Ohio State-Michigan: One hype video to rule them all

Be sure to watch the 2014 Ohio State-Michigan hype video, too.

Ohio State hype videos, The Best Damn Band in the Land doing a show so incredible you can't help but share with all your friends, death, and taxes. These are the constants in life these days.

The Ohio State video crew (led by producer David Trichel) continue to do it big with another video you won't be able to not share with all your friends, relatives, and even those coworkers you don't particularly like who root for That Team Up North.

Though there's just under 25 hours to go until The Game #110, you'll be best served by leaving work/the stores early, heating up a few plates of Thanksgiving leftovers, and watching this bad boy on loop until kickoff.

Go Bucks. Beat Michigan.