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Live coverage: Ohio State-Michigan

Join the editors of Land-Grant Holy Land for an unrivaled live coverage experience. Share your jokes with us, and join us for scores, commentary, and more!

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B1G and Buckeye Pride [6:12 PM]:

Good job by the offense, but damn our defense

Sam Vecenie [3:48 PM]:

Well guys that’s it for me. Root for Auburn and get ready for a Big Ten Title game against Michigan State next week.

Brett Ludwiczak [3:47 PM]:

Also a huge tip of the cap to Clay Wendler for his tremendous GIF work

Ian Cuevas [3:47 PM]:

Go Bucks, 12-0 (24-0)

Brett Ludwiczak [3:45 PM]:

I love you all

Sam Vecenie [3:44 PM]:

@Clay Wendler Clay you are literally the best. Thanks!

Clay Wendler [3:44 PM]:

nice win guys, pleasure giffing with you

Juncta Juvant [3:42 PM]:

@ahowie after winning like this, I’m not so certain

OPace [3:42 PM]:

BTW – Tyvis Powell – Cleveland Pride! First player to commit after Tressel resigned.

Ian Cuevas [3:42 PM]:

Ohio State 42
That Team That Went For It All And Threw It To The Wrong Team 41

Clay Wendler [3:42 PM]:

ahowie [3:41 PM]:

@joeb69 No, they won’t.

Amish Houdini [3:41 PM]:

@joeb69 I know, but I’ll enjoy it for now

OPace [3:41 PM]:

@ahowie Yup…..glad I wasn’t planning on doing anything else productive today

Clay Wendler [3:41 PM]:

ahowie [3:40 PM]:

I am numb.

Juncta Juvant [3:40 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie why, so they can jump us? they will if they win btw

Juncta Juvant [3:40 PM]:

@Amish Houdini sorry, ESPiN will turn this win on us

Sam Vecenie [3:39 PM]:

Now let’s just root for Auburn and hope that they can pick up a W.

Clay Wendler [3:39 PM]:

Amish Houdini [3:39 PM]:

this just proves how deep the B1G is

Sam Vecenie [3:38 PM]:

Gardner shouldn’t be upset about today though. What a game from him. Kept them in it all day.

JamesPowell [3:38 PM]:

Thank you football gods and thank you Tyvis “no relation” Powell

Sam Vecenie [3:38 PM]:

Clay Wendler [3:38 PM]:

DerekH91 [3:38 PM]:

Best game since 2005

OPace [3:38 PM]:

I was never worried

OPace [3:38 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:37 PM]:


Lesterh [3:37 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:37 PM]:

You know what though, hats off to Brady Hoke for having the balls to go for that. This is essentially their season.

OPace [3:37 PM]:

Gonna go ahead and say this was the best loss in coaching history

DerekH91 [3:37 PM]:

Props to them though, it was the right call

Sam Vecenie [3:36 PM]:

Still have an onside kick to recover by the way, but that’s a huge play.

DerekH91 [3:36 PM]:

Gotta get the onside kick

Lesterh [3:36 PM]:


OPace [3:36 PM]:

anyone elses’ screen freeze?

DerekH91 [3:36 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:36 PM]:


Andrew Huster [3:36 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:36 PM]:


Juncta Juvant [3:36 PM]:

whew, fucking whew

JamesPowell [3:36 PM]:

This is Urban Meyer’s worst game at OSU

Sam Vecenie [3:35 PM]:

Hoke has again made the decision to go for it…..Gardner lines up and here we gooooooo

Sam Vecenie [3:34 PM]:

That seemed silly.

Sam Vecenie [3:34 PM]:

Ohio State wastes a timeout that could be useful in their last drive.

ahowie [3:34 PM]:

Do they still go for it after the TO?

Sam Vecenie [3:34 PM]:

Here we goo

Sam Vecenie [3:34 PM]:


Juncta Juvant [3:34 PM]:

here’s the game fellas, bet they go for 2

Sam Vecenie [3:33 PM]:

Funchess for six. 42-41…let’s see what Hoke does here.

Sam Vecenie [3:33 PM]:

Michigan spikes for some reason with :35 seconds. Three downs here.

Juncta Juvant [3:33 PM]:

if they score, bet they go for 2 for the win…

Sam Vecenie [3:33 PM]:

That’s the best play call that Al Borges has ever had in his career. Michigan first and goal.

ahowie [3:32 PM]:

How does that play work again? Fuck this team.

OPace [3:32 PM]:

And that whats happens when you blitz

DerekH91 [3:32 PM]:

Fuck this game

ahowie [3:32 PM]:

Nice defense. Back off and give them ten yards and let them go out of bounds.

Andrew Huster [3:32 PM]:

Please, let us get a turnover.

OPace [3:32 PM]:

2 more downs

Andrew Huster [3:31 PM]:

Phew, no foul. Got really concerned there.

ahowie [3:31 PM]:

Fire Fickell for real now

OPace [3:31 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:31 PM]:

Some sort of weird flag that involves an OSU time out due to a bad substitution

DerekH91 [3:31 PM]:

Good catch, but ugh

Sam Vecenie [3:30 PM]:

2nd and 17 with 50 ticks remaining. need 40 yards…

Adam Woodard [3:29 PM]:

About damn time

OPace [3:29 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:29 PM]:

You wouldn’t believe this, but Ohio State blitzed and they got a sack.

Juncta Juvant [3:29 PM]:

lol, here we go

Sam Vecenie [3:29 PM]:

And another 13 yards…Fickell is going zone the entire way with no blitz…

ahowie [3:28 PM]:

What is defense?

Sam Vecenie [3:28 PM]:

Another first down for Dileo….

Andrew Huster [3:28 PM]:

@ahowie Such heart pounding. Wow.

Clay Wendler [3:27 PM]:

ahowie [3:27 PM]:

Much nerves.

JamesPowell [3:27 PM]:

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a prevent defense surrender yards

Sam Vecenie [3:27 PM]:

Funchess gets the drive going…Buckeyes playing zone D it looks like.

DerekH91 [3:26 PM]:

@OPace No way

OPace [3:26 PM]:

Would they punt after 3 incompletions?

JamesPowell [3:25 PM]:

Dear football gods, can I have my turnover now please?

OPace [3:25 PM]:


DerekH91 [3:25 PM]:

Feeling a Gardner TAINT

Sam Vecenie [3:25 PM]:

Oh by the way Basil made the XP. 42-35. 2:20 remaining. OSU defense probably needs a turnover to stop Michigan because I have zero trust in them.

OPace [3:24 PM]:

Don’t kick it out of bounds!!!

ahowie [3:24 PM]:

Fitting that we’ll need the D to put this one away. Have some pride, Bullets.

Juncta Juvant [3:24 PM]:

too much time?

OPace [3:24 PM]:

@Amish Houdini Once we got near the goaline, we had to punch it in

Clay Wendler [3:24 PM]:

Amish Houdini [3:24 PM]:

The only bad thing about that is they didn’t run the clock down as much as they could have

JamesPowell [3:24 PM]:

Too much time left

ahowie [3:23 PM]:

Weirdest touchdown.

OPace [3:23 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [3:23 PM]:

Hyde gets a well-deserved touchdown today. 41-35

Sam Vecenie [3:23 PM]:

Carlos Hyde broke the record for rushing yards against Michigan with that run, now at 225.

DerekH91 [3:23 PM]:

225 for Hyde, all time most against UM

JamesPowell [3:22 PM]:

Don’t score too quickly

ahowie [3:22 PM]:

Silly spot there, refs.

OPace [3:22 PM]:

Definitely short

ahowie [3:22 PM]:

At worst it looks like he’s about two inches away.

Sam Vecenie [3:22 PM]:

I think he’s jussstttttt a bit short.

OPace [3:21 PM]:

Meh…I hope he was short

Andrew Huster [3:21 PM]:

Slow and steady.

ahowie [3:21 PM]:

Looked like a TD to me.

DerekH91 [3:21 PM]:

Hyde is unfair

Sam Vecenie [3:20 PM]:

Run the clock, Urban….run the clock.

ahowie [3:20 PM]:

Keep giving it to Carlos.

OPace [3:20 PM]:

Getting Philly with it

ahowie [3:20 PM]:

Nice moves, Philly.

Sam Vecenie [3:19 PM]:

@Andrew Huster I’m pretty sure that’s where Braxton got it from.

Andrew Huster [3:19 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie What about TBDBITL high step?

Sam Vecenie [3:19 PM]:

32 yards for Miller

DerekH91 [3:19 PM]:

XBraxOne returns

Sam Vecenie [3:19 PM]:

There is literally nothing prettier in college football than the Braxton Miller high step.

OPace [3:19 PM]:

Good start

ahowie [3:18 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Brax ain’t impressed.

Adam Woodard [3:18 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie that’s not Devin Gardner. Can’t be

OPace [3:18 PM]:

Congrats to Duke…..

OPace [3:18 PM]:


DerekH91 [3:18 PM]:

That Helps!

Sam Vecenie [3:18 PM]:

By the way, this is an all-time performance in this game from Devin Gardner. Injured, has 377 total yards and four TDs.

ahowie [3:17 PM]:


Juncta Juvant [3:16 PM]:

@JamesPowell it’s all about our D is horrendous

Brett Ludwiczak [3:16 PM]:

If you need me I’m currently chewing off my fingers

OPace [3:16 PM]:

A healthy Christian Bryant would’ve been nice this game

Ted Glover [3:16 PM]:

This defensive performance is inexcusable against an offense this bad

JamesPowell [3:16 PM]:

@ OPace – It’s all about Hyde’s fumble

Adam Woodard [3:15 PM]:

Keep the faith fellas.

DerekH91 [3:15 PM]:

There isn’t enough liquor in the world for this

OPace [3:15 PM]:

Blowing a 14 pt lead in the 4th is inexcusable

Sam Vecenie [3:15 PM]:

For as bad Ohio State has played, they still have the ball with a chance to win the game at the end in a tie.

JamesPowell [3:15 PM]:

@ joeB69 – At least wait until the Buckeyes go 3 and out

ahowie [3:14 PM]:

Wait, everyone has been awful.

ahowie [3:14 PM]:

Pitt has been awful.

Sam Vecenie [3:14 PM]:

WIle ties it up. 35-35.

Juncta Juvant [3:14 PM]:

how about now Sam, can I be negative now?

Sam Vecenie [3:14 PM]:

Play action throw back to Butt for six on third down though. 35-34 OSU pending XP.

OPace [3:14 PM]:


JamesPowell [3:14 PM]:

Way too easy

DerekH91 [3:13 PM]:

Big Damn Shazier Football

OPace [3:13 PM]:

3rd down….

JamesPowell [3:13 PM]:

It’s fourth down that matters

Sam Vecenie [3:13 PM]:

Line holds on 2nd down….

DerekH91 [3:13 PM]:

Well, you can’t say they won’t be battle tested after this

Sam Vecenie [3:12 PM]:

Line holds on first down….

Brett Ludwiczak [3:12 PM]:

or not….

Sam Vecenie [3:12 PM]:

Gardner gets the first on a QB dive. Great block by the Michigan FB

JamesPowell [3:12 PM]:

Not very hard for them to gain yards

DerekH91 [3:12 PM]:

Saw that coming

OPace [3:12 PM]:


Adam Woodard [3:11 PM]:

@Adam Woodard **on his toes

Adam Woodard [3:11 PM]:

@Adam Woodard **seen him make horrendous decisions with a guy in his face all year. Gotta keep him

JamesPowell [3:11 PM]:

Why wouldn’t they go for it?

Sam Vecenie [3:11 PM]:

Gotta send pressure here I’d think. Gardner almost made a fatal decision last down.

Brett Ludwiczak [3:11 PM]:

huge play coming by Shazier here. Book it

OPace [3:11 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Thinking? No way they dont go for it

Sam Vecenie [3:10 PM]:

Clearly this is a rather large down here. Wile isn’t their normal kicker so you can’t blame Hoke for not kicking here if they go for it.

Adam Woodard [3:10 PM]:

@JamesPowell at times, I agree. But I’ve seen h

Ian Cuevas [3:10 PM]:

Michigan thinking about going for it, Ohio State calls timeout with 6:52 remaining in the game.

OPace [3:10 PM]:

I really hope we bring pressure

Sam Vecenie [3:09 PM]:

Near interception there, but Barnett jussttttt lets it slip through his arms

JamesPowell [3:09 PM]:

Please fumble the snap

OPace [3:09 PM]:

Bah…so close

JamesPowell [3:07 PM]:

@ Adam Woodard – He seems to be handling pressure well

DerekH91 [3:07 PM]:

Well, Borges probably keeps his job

ahowie [3:06 PM]:

@Amish Houdini All of them.

JamesPowell [3:06 PM]:

I still want my turnover

OPace [3:06 PM]:

Woulda loved the loss of 6 there

Adam Woodard [3:06 PM]:

@JamesPowell Dev can’t handle pressure. Especially on a bum leg. Terrific idea

Sam Vecenie [3:06 PM]:

@JamesPowell why play any sort of defensive coverage if you can’t tackle?

DerekH91 [3:06 PM]:

Have to stop this

Amish Houdini [3:06 PM]:

how many people are just going to slide off?

JamesPowell [3:05 PM]:

@ Sam Vecenie – why blitz when you can’t tackle?

DerekH91 [3:05 PM]:

Gardner hurting bad, which is saving us right now

OPace [3:05 PM]:

Good lord, defense\

JamesPowell [3:05 PM]:

Another wide open receiver

Sam Vecenie [3:05 PM]:

@joeb69 dude, chill out with the uber-negativity.

Juncta Juvant [3:05 PM]:

we deserve to lose, this whole game is pathetic

Sam Vecenie [3:05 PM]:

literally just blitz every play

Amish Houdini [3:05 PM]:

are you kidding me?

JamesPowell [3:04 PM]:

The defense is just spectacularly bad

DerekH91 [3:04 PM]:

Shazier, please

OPace [3:04 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie They are figuring our blitzes out

Ian Cuevas [3:04 PM]:

Buckeyes secondary fortunate that Funchess dropped the ball there.

Sam Vecenie [3:04 PM]:

Holy crap the Michigan offensive line did an excellent job picking up that blitz there

ahowie [3:04 PM]:


DerekH91 [3:04 PM]:


OPace [3:04 PM]:


Amish Houdini [3:04 PM]:


JamesPowell [3:04 PM]:

Need a four and out here

Juncta Juvant [3:03 PM]:

what happened to the comment section? this new format sucks

Sam Vecenie [3:02 PM]:

Call has been confirmed.

OPace [3:02 PM]:

Alright D…..time to step up

Juncta Juvant [3:02 PM]:

@OPace (hoping) sucks

DerekH91 [3:01 PM]:

El Guapo over 200! (shoot me)

Brett Ludwiczak [3:01 PM]:


OPace [3:00 PM]:

Hopefully a side view shows his knee down

Sam Vecenie [3:00 PM]:

Definite fumble. That’s probably not good.

OPace [3:00 PM]:

@joeb69 Progress was not stopped

Juncta Juvant [2:59 PM]:

was he down?, his forward progress was stopped

DerekH91 [2:59 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [2:59 PM]:

Carlos Hyde fumbles, Michigan has it.

JamesPowell [2:59 PM]:

Like I said . . .

ahowie [2:59 PM]:

And we deserve it.

ahowie [2:59 PM]:

We’re going to fucking lose.

Ian Cuevas [2:59 PM]:

Looked like that was supposed to be a pass to Evan Spencer, but he wasn’t looking for the ball.

JamesPowell [2:56 PM]:

By letting them stay in this game, we are one turnover, one bad flag, away from losing

OPace [2:56 PM]:

@ahowie Yeah….great call on blitz…players didn’t make a play

Juncta Juvant [2:56 PM]:

@DerekH91 bet they sell out to stop him on this next drive

Adam Woodard [2:55 PM]:

God I hate Michigan

Lesterh [2:55 PM]:


DerekH91 [2:55 PM]:

I mean, they can’t stop Hyde but still.

ahowie [2:55 PM]:

How the hell did Bosa not bring down a hobbled Gardner there. Holy fuck.

Sam Vecenie [2:54 PM]:

XP good, and a limping Devin Gardner gets Michigan within a TD at 35-28.

OPace [2:54 PM]:

Have to give Gardner props….dude is far less than 100% and he’s been money all day

Juncta Juvant [2:54 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:53 PM]:

Michigan not quite ready for this game to be over. Touchdown Wolverines.

Sam Vecenie [2:53 PM]:

Bosa HAD Gardner there too. That’s a big missed sack, and a touchdown for Michigan. 35-27 pending XP.

DerekH91 [2:53 PM]:


JamesPowell [2:53 PM]:

Really a great job there, defense

OPace [2:52 PM]:

@JamesPowell Shazier bliyzed and slipped

DerekH91 [2:52 PM]:

UNC up on Duke. The ACC Coastal is a tire fire

Sam Vecenie [2:52 PM]:

JamesPowell [2:52 PM]:

Letting Gardner stand back there is probably not the best strategy

Ian Cuevas [2:52 PM]:

Another first down for Michigan. Wolverines getting close to the endzone now.

Juncta Juvant [2:51 PM]:

@OPace yeah, but we just got called for it on the d side, make the call both ways refs

DerekH91 [2:51 PM]:

Nice tackling, which is new

OPace [2:50 PM]:

@joeb69 They’ve been lax on holding on both sides…save the one phantom hold on Decker

Juncta Juvant [2:50 PM]:

wth, 3 different tun players holding on that run

JamesPowell [2:50 PM]:

very close to late hit – play smart Buckeyes

OPace [2:50 PM]:

Ok Devin…how about another Turnover

OPace [2:49 PM]:

@Andrew Huster Thanks

Juncta Juvant [2:49 PM]:

@ahowie so they call d holding…f’ing refs

Sam Vecenie [2:49 PM]:

Joshua Perry gives Michigan a cheap first down by holding Funchess.

ahowie [2:49 PM]:

That is fucking ridiculous.

DerekH91 [2:48 PM]:

Honey Funches of Oats

ahowie [2:48 PM]:

That pass was not catchable.

Sam Vecenie [2:48 PM]:

@DerekH91 yup

Andrew Huster [2:48 PM]:

Ohio State acting like a Chevy engine in winter: slow to warm up, but hot as hell afterwards

DerekH91 [2:48 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Set by Beanie, right?

Sam Vecenie [2:47 PM]:

Something to keep in mind as the 4th quarter begins: Carlos Hyde is 30 yards away from the OSU record versus Michigan.

Andrew Huster [2:47 PM]:

@OPace Click to hide, I guess.

Juncta Juvant [2:47 PM]:

@OPace right top corner

DerekH91 [2:47 PM]:

@OPace Gotcha. Still seems like something they would object to

OPace [2:47 PM]:

Is there a way to minimize gifs in this format?

Clay Wendler [2:46 PM]:

Sam Vecenie [2:44 PM]:

Third quarter ends with some sort of dude singing what sounds like a rock version of “This girl is on FIIIIRREE” by Alicia Keys. OSU leads 35-21.

Juncta Juvant [2:44 PM]:

C’mon Fickell…Why you no blitz???

OPace [2:44 PM]:

@DerekH91 NCAA doesn’t have number rules…Shazier switched to 2 in the middle of the season

JamesPowell [2:44 PM]:

You might think I’m greedy, but I could use a turnover right about now

DerekH91 [2:43 PM]:

*RE Gardner wearing 98

Ian Cuevas [2:43 PM]:

Adolphus Washington walking under his own power off the field and to the sideline.

DerekH91 [2:43 PM]:

I can’t believe the NCAA let him do that, btw. This is the same organization that suspended that Indiana guy for appearing in a charity calender

OPace [2:42 PM]:

@DerekH91 All Sumlin ahd to say was “UT” and A&M ponied up

DerekH91 [2:42 PM]:

Ugh, well done 98

ahowie [2:42 PM]:

Helluva play

Clay Wendler [2:41 PM]:

DerekH91 [2:41 PM]:

Whoa, Sumlin got paid. Good for him

Juncta Juvant [2:41 PM]:

@Lesterh well, he did miss the practice fg and is only good for .333%

OPace [2:41 PM]:

@Lesterh They don’t have their kicker….punter is kicking fgs…..he missed the 1st attempt

Lesterh [2:40 PM]:

Not following the football rules will get you more often than not. Take the points. Completely different ball game if Hoke kicked the field goal. Love it.

OPace [2:40 PM]:

“Run it up Urban…leave no doubt”

DerekH91 [2:40 PM]:

Hyde is almost talking himself into the Heisman.

Andrew Huster [2:40 PM]:

@ahowie rec rec rec

JamesPowell [2:40 PM]:

That was rather satisfying

ahowie [2:39 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [2:39 PM]:

Braxton Miller finds a wide open Jeff Heuerman right down the middle, in the endzone for another Buckeye touchdown.

OPace [2:39 PM]:

@DerekH91 Agreed

Amish Houdini [2:39 PM]:

don’t look back now

DerekH91 [2:39 PM]:

Feeling better now, but nowhere near over

Sam Vecenie [2:38 PM]:

Jeff Heuerman for six!

OPace [2:38 PM]:

That was almost a fumbled handoff

Ian Cuevas [2:38 PM]:

Ohio State’s offense is having their way with Michigan’s defense.

ahowie [2:37 PM]:

@DerekH91 Yep. I really do not want to face that Sparty D without our line at full strength.

OPace [2:37 PM]:

Brax is a magician

DerekH91 [2:37 PM]:

Wilson wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but Hall would be missed

Sam Vecenie [2:36 PM]:

ahowie [2:36 PM]:

Hyde going full Beanie on ’em.

OPace [2:36 PM]:

Can I vote for a new thread in the 4th?

Sam Vecenie [2:36 PM]:

Amish Houdini [2:36 PM]:

time to bury them

Ian Cuevas [2:35 PM]:

Michigan went for it on 4th and 2, but the pass falls incomplete. Buckeyes take over.

Sam Vecenie [2:35 PM]:

Ball hits the ground, and OSU takes over on downs.

Amish Houdini [2:35 PM]:

no dice

ahowie [2:35 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [2:32 PM]:

MIchigan ices their own kicker as it appears that he misses the attempt.

Juncta Juvant [2:32 PM]:

lol, he missed it…think it’s on his mind? lol

OPace [2:32 PM]:

Pressure will burst the pipes / Austin Carr’d

Juncta Juvant [2:31 PM]:

@JamesPowell yep, finally a blitz…

JamesPowell [2:31 PM]:

Pass rush made that happen

ahowie [2:31 PM]:

@joeb69 It seems so obvious that I almost thought it would somehow be play action. Pathetic.

Ian Cuevas [2:30 PM]:

That was the longest run of the year against Ohio State.

OPace [2:30 PM]:

We need an 2nd thread…this one is lagging on me

Sam Vecenie [2:30 PM]:

Camren Williams needs to make that tackle.

Juncta Juvant [2:30 PM]:

who on here didn’t know they were running? horrible

JamesPowell [2:29 PM]:

Just awful tackling

Brett Ludwiczak [2:29 PM]:

Thanks OPace, sometimes I get a little too excited /cue up Tommy Boy destroying a dinner roll

Sam Vecenie [2:29 PM]:


ahowie [2:29 PM]:

Fuck this bullshit.

OPace [2:29 PM]:

Good job by Barnett…easily could’ve been a targeting call

Sam Vecenie [2:29 PM]:

CJ Barnett was about to kill Jeremy Gallon before realizing that an ejection was inevitable.

Sam Vecenie [2:28 PM]:

It seems very silly to not be constantly blitzing with a gimpy Gardner

Clay Wendler [2:28 PM]:

ahowie [2:28 PM]:


OPace [2:27 PM]:

Lewan fliched there

Sam Vecenie [2:26 PM]:

Gardner is limping, OSU needs to bring pressure now

OPace [2:25 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak We knew what you meant

Brett Ludwiczak [2:24 PM]:

Errrr more turnovers into TDs

Andrew Huster [2:24 PM]:

Heh. I love those scoreboards.

Clay Wendler [2:24 PM]:

Brett Ludwiczak [2:24 PM]:

BOOM! Now turn some more TDs into, Buckeyes

Ian Cuevas [2:23 PM]:

Ohio State’s first lead of the day 28
Devin Gardner’s fumble 21

Sam Vecenie [2:23 PM]:

Basil tacks on the extra point, and it’s a seven point lead. Still no word on what QB Michigan will be using on this drive.

Sam Vecenie [2:22 PM]:

BRAXTON FOR 6! Ohio State 27-21.

Ian Cuevas [2:22 PM]:

Braxton Miller decides to keep the ball and runs into the endzone for the first Buckeye lead of the day.

OPace [2:22 PM]:


JamesPowell [2:22 PM]:

Miller – making my late breakfast more enjoyable

Amish Houdini [2:22 PM]:

O! H!

Ian Cuevas [2:22 PM]:

Excellent burst of speed by Hyde to get around the corner.

OPace [2:21 PM]:

Need 6 here

Sam Vecenie [2:21 PM]:

No word yet on a possible injury to Gardner.

Sam Vecenie [2:21 PM]:

Shane Morris, Michigan’s backup QB, is warming up on the sidelines

OPace [2:21 PM]:


OPace [2:21 PM]:

Shane Morris warming?

JamesPowell [2:21 PM]:

Mich’s back up QB is warming up

JamesPowell [2:20 PM]:

Need to take advantage of this – set the tone for the 2nd half

OPace [2:20 PM]:

It should have been inconclusive…same result

OPace [2:19 PM]:

Confirmed? LOL….it does not mean what you think it means

Sam Vecenie [2:19 PM]:

OH wow, just straight up confirmed it. First down Ohio State!

Ian Cuevas [2:19 PM]:

Call is confirmed, Ohio State recovers.

ahowie [2:19 PM]:

Really surprised they confirmed it.

Sam Vecenie [2:19 PM]:

I think they’re going to need a different angle than the one from behind we saw on TV to overturn that…

OPace [2:19 PM]:

I think it isn’t a fumble, but don’t know if it is conclusive

Ian Cuevas [2:18 PM]:

Referees will take a look at the replay on whether or not Gardner’s knee was down.

OPace [2:18 PM]:

I am going to say inconclusive

Sam Vecenie [2:18 PM]:

That’s a really tough call, and I have no idea if they can actually overturn that.

Ian Cuevas [2:18 PM]:

Devin Gardner fumbles the football, while Tyvis Powell recovers.

Juncta Juvant [2:18 PM]:


ahowie [2:18 PM]:

He was down. Dammit.

OPace [2:17 PM]:

YES!!!! Please hold up for replay

Amish Houdini [2:17 PM]:

Devon’s first of the day, hopefully not his last

Sam Vecenie [2:17 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [2:17 PM]:

Potential fumble….

Juncta Juvant [2:17 PM]:

@JamesPowell well, I thought they cleaned it up a lot but they were terrible early in the season

Ian Cuevas [2:17 PM]:

False start will move Michigan back. Makes it 3rd and 10.

Sam Vecenie [2:17 PM]:

Thanks for the five yards, Kalis.

JamesPowell [2:16 PM]:

Never dreamed Buckeyes’ defense could play this badly

OPace [2:16 PM]:

Wow….great call against blitz there

Sam Vecenie [2:16 PM]:

Michigan attempting to run a conventional offense is good for Ohio State.

Ian Cuevas [2:15 PM]:

Green has had some success against Ohio State today, but a good job of containing him there.

Juncta Juvant [2:15 PM]:

why you quit blitzing Fickell?

OPace [2:14 PM]:

cmon D

Juncta Juvant [2:14 PM]:

and then they get burnt…sheez

Juncta Juvant [2:13 PM]:

finally stopped a screen, nice job Grant

Ian Cuevas [2:13 PM]:

Great coverage by Doran Grant to read the screen and make the tackle.

Sam Vecenie [2:13 PM]:


OPace [2:13 PM]:

Can haz tachul?

OPace [2:12 PM]:

FSU now up 27-0…was 3-0 for most of 1st half

Ian Cuevas [2:10 PM]:

Cameron Johnston’s punt falls into the endzone, Michigan will take over.

Sam Vecenie [2:10 PM]:

That’s okay. No reason to have Gallon return that. I love having a crazy drunken Australian punter.

ahowie [2:10 PM]:

Sweet 20 yard punt

Clay Wendler [2:10 PM]:

OPace [2:09 PM]:

Altight, pin em deep and do it again D

ahowie [2:09 PM]:

Uhhh, offside?

OPace [2:09 PM]:

Did his heel come down?

Ted Glover [2:09 PM]:

Damn it Spencer

Ian Cuevas [2:09 PM]:

Evan Spencer was wide open, but had a foot out of bounds when he caught it. 3rd and 13 upcoming.

ahowie [2:08 PM]:

Inexcusable, Spencer

Brett Ludwiczak [2:08 PM]:

you do that everytime now Buckeye defense

ahowie [2:07 PM]:

How does no one fucking see that blitz coming

Amish Houdini [2:07 PM]:

wake up, Hall

Sam Vecenie [2:06 PM]:

HUGE sack by Michael Bennett. I expected him to have a big day due to the struggles of Michigan’s interior line, and that’s a good start.

Ian Cuevas [2:06 PM]:

There’s a big sack from Michael Bennett and the “hungry” motion that Carlos Hyde made last year.

Amish Houdini [2:06 PM]:

good way to start the half

OPace [2:06 PM]:


ahowie [2:06 PM]:

Eat up, Mike.

Ian Cuevas [2:06 PM]:

Early third down for the Wolverines. Ohio State would love to get off the field right away.

Sam Vecenie [2:06 PM]:

Last two possessions, Shazier has made his presence much more felt.

OPace [2:05 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:04 PM]:

Second half is underway, Michigan will start at their own 25-yard line.

OPace [2:04 PM]:

Evidently Hall threw a punch duiring the fracas

Ted Glover [2:02 PM]:

Urb won’t be out debated by anyone, OP

OPace [2:01 PM]:

@Ted Glover He needs to be his best politicking self if Bama beats Auburn. FSU-Florida still close enough to be called ugly so far

Ted Glover [2:00 PM]:

The Great Christmas Light Fight? Seriously?

Ted Glover [2:00 PM]:

I hope Urban does a Marcus Hall on the national media, then

OPace [1:59 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie If BT doesn’t suspend, prepare for the national media to pressure Urban into suspending him

Ted Glover [1:57 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:56 PM]:

@Ted Glover As of now, yes.

Sam Vecenie [1:56 PM]:

However, who knows what happens with the whole “Marcus Hall flipping the bird on national television to the entire stadium” thing.

Ted Glover [1:56 PM]:

So they can play next week?

Ian Cuevas [1:56 PM]:

@Ted Glover I believe they are safe, barring any type of announcement/decision because it happened in the first half.

Sam Vecenie [1:55 PM]:

Because the ejection occurred in the first half, there is no automatic supplemental discipline.

Ted Glover [1:55 PM]:

And I thought the ejection in the next game happened only if it was a targeting penalty. Are Hall and Wilson out for the B1GCG?

Sam Vecenie [1:54 PM]:

Yeah I actually feel pretty okay with where OSU is right now depending on the first drive of the half.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:54 PM]:

Elsewhere in the B1G: Michigan State is up 14-3 on Minnesota but the Gophers just moved into Spartan territory

Ian Cuevas [1:53 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [1:53 PM]:

Michigan is going to start with the ball in the second half, so the Buckeyes have a chance to make an early stop.

Ted Glover [1:53 PM]:

So the optimist can say we took Michigan’s best shot and we’re tied. On the road. And the defense showed up the last five minutes of the half.

Juncta Juvant [1:47 PM]:

@OPace and hopefully it stops like the 2nd quarter

OPace [1:46 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Hopefully this was just a case of Michigan going 180 from everything they had been doing all year

Sam Vecenie [1:46 PM]:

@ahowie I don’t even know, but I’m certainly not going to blame Hall for throwing up the double birds whenever he has to walk down that tunnel by himself with Michigan fans screaming unfathomable obscenities directed square at him.

OPace [1:46 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie But calling someout on twitter – REAL TOUGH GUY STUFF

Ian Cuevas [1:45 PM]:

@OPace Offensively, Ohio State is doing just fine. Defense has been the difference.

Andrew Huster [1:45 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie I tend to discount the opinion of anyone who is unfamilar with The Game.

OPace [1:45 PM]:

Hopefully, Michigan used all their offensive creativity in the 1st

ahowie [1:45 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie The fuck does that even mean?

Sam Vecenie [1:45 PM]:


OPace [1:44 PM]:

I was worried Michigan would sell out to stop Hyde and the wind would bother Brax…that hasn’t happened….we’re running the ball like normal…even without Hall and Wilson

Clay Wendler [1:42 PM]:

Amish Houdini [1:41 PM]:

they need to come out of half time as hot as they went in

Brett Ludwiczak [1:41 PM]:

21-all. now give them 30 mins of hell, Bucks.

Sam Vecenie [1:41 PM]:

@Clay Wendler you’re the best, Clay.

OPace [1:41 PM]:


Clay Wendler [1:40 PM]:

Juncta Juvant [1:40 PM]:

another broken tackle, WTF?

ahowie [1:40 PM]:

Everything Michigan hasn’t done all year they are doing to us right now. Mercilessly.

OPace [1:39 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:39 PM]:

Ohio State now with 197 rushing yards in the first half. That is ideal. They’ve given up 238 passing yards. Probably not ideal.

Ian Cuevas [1:38 PM]:

Tie game again. I’ll take it, all things considered. Not sure Michigan can sustain this kind of play for the entire second half.

Ian Cuevas [1:37 PM]:

Great decision making there by Braxton Miller. Sends the receivers opposite way, and Miller waltzes into the endzone.

Juncta Juvant [1:37 PM]:

lol, *ichigan D

ahowie [1:37 PM]:

The Gators would be proud.

Lesterh [1:37 PM]:


ahowie [1:37 PM]:

Michigan tackling themselves.

Sam Vecenie [1:37 PM]:

@Clay Wendler can you GIF the two Michigan men who ran into each other?

OPace [1:37 PM]:


ahowie [1:37 PM]:

That was goofy.

Amish Houdini [1:37 PM]:

Do it yourself, Braxton!

Sam Vecenie [1:36 PM]:

Michigan crowd wanted a hold. Michigan crowd left wanting and puking up their desire into that monstrosity they call a rather large home.

Andrew Huster [1:36 PM]:

Fight the team across the field.

Lesterh [1:36 PM]:

I can’t believe I want them to bleed the clock to keep the ball out of Gardners hands. Wow.

Ian Cuevas [1:35 PM]:

An excellent catch by Chris Fields for another first down. Buckeyes in scoring position.

Lesterh [1:35 PM]:


OPace [1:35 PM]:

Hyde back in

Ian Cuevas [1:34 PM]:

Jeff Heuerman wide open right down the middle of the field.

Amish Houdini [1:34 PM]:

these last few minutes have been more like it

OPace [1:34 PM]:

Keep going!

Ted Glover [1:34 PM]:

Lord fellas, WTF?

Sam Vecenie [1:34 PM]:

Coach Guiton went out to make sure he’s okay too. God, I love Kenny Guiton.

Ian Cuevas [1:34 PM]:

Looks like Carlos Hyde will be fine.

Juncta Juvant [1:34 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas it’s just so hard, I expect more from this team

Lesterh [1:33 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:33 PM]:

Yep, just fell on the football.

Lesterh [1:33 PM]:

Landed on the ball.

Ian Cuevas [1:33 PM]:

@joeb69 Still a couple of minutes left. Keep the faith!

Sam Vecenie [1:33 PM]:

Looks like Hyde got the wind knocked out him.

OPace [1:33 PM]:

@Lesterh We’re running it well and Brax has been a little off

Juncta Juvant [1:33 PM]:

dammit, not Hyde

Adam Woodard [1:33 PM]:


Lesterh [1:32 PM]:

8 passes. Wow.

Juncta Juvant [1:32 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas yep, but we quit scoring too :\

Adam Woodard [1:31 PM]:

Sams a genius!

ahowie [1:31 PM]:

What the fuck was that?

Ian Cuevas [1:31 PM]:

Good defense this time around by Ohio State.

Lesterh [1:31 PM]:

Hey I think we’re onto something. Only took Fickell 90 minutes

Sam Vecenie [1:31 PM]:

There we go. Keep blitzing Shazier.

OPace [1:31 PM]:

Hey…competent defense

Juncta Juvant [1:30 PM]:

moar of that

Sam Vecenie [1:30 PM]:

Oh hey look what happens when you bring pressure! Not only does Shazier get involved, but the Wolverines finally lose yards.

Ian Cuevas [1:30 PM]:

There’s a sack. Buckeyes finally got to Gardner.

OPace [1:29 PM]:

bout time

Amish Houdini [1:29 PM]:

That’s how you defence

Lesterh [1:29 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [1:29 PM]:

Please be alright, Noah

Sam Vecenie [1:29 PM]:

@Adam Woodard yeah he’s the one who just missed the tackle on the big Gardner gain.

Lesterh [1:29 PM]:

Hey urban. Do some coaching shit.

Adam Woodard [1:28 PM]:

Is Joey Bosa at this game?

Sam Vecenie [1:28 PM]:

I’d seriously just keep blitzing. Gardner gets happy feet and either immediately runs or makes bad decisions with pressure. The secondary can’t cover anyone anyway. Might as well just see what happens.

Juncta Juvant [1:28 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas on yet another broken tackle!

Lesterh [1:27 PM]:

That’ll help

Lesterh [1:27 PM]:


Lesterh [1:27 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:27 PM]:

I was about to say that we haven’t been getting much pressure on Gardner, but as we do, he runs for a first down.

Juncta Juvant [1:27 PM]:

lol, our D

ahowie [1:27 PM]:

This team fucking sucks.

OPace [1:26 PM]:

Good play by Perry

Sam Vecenie [1:26 PM]:

Ryan Shazier’s name still hasn’t been called outside of the fact that he’s been invisible

Lesterh [1:26 PM]:

We’re making Michigan look like Alabama.

JamesPowell [1:25 PM]:

Not the droids I was looking for

Sam Vecenie [1:25 PM]:

It’s 3rd and 17, I’m not sure what you want him to do there.

Juncta Juvant [1:25 PM]:

this game sucks so bad

Lesterh [1:25 PM]:

This is no good.

Juncta Juvant [1:24 PM]:

wtf Miller, if you run early you get itbut no, wait till there’s 5 guys around you, geez

Lesterh [1:24 PM]:

Might need to throw at some point

Juncta Juvant [1:24 PM]:

phantom flag…f you refs

ahowie [1:24 PM]:

What fucking hold?

OPace [1:23 PM]:

Wow….that was weak

Lesterh [1:23 PM]:


Adam Woodard [1:23 PM]:

News flash: Brady Hoke’s still fat

OPace [1:22 PM]:

FSU now up 17-0

Amish Houdini [1:19 PM]:

don’t squander this

OPace [1:18 PM]:

Glenville giveth and Glenville taketh away

Sam Vecenie [1:18 PM]:

Frank Clark coming up in the clutch for OSU.

Ian Cuevas [1:18 PM]:

That is an extremely helpful penalty for Ohio State.

Juncta Juvant [1:18 PM]:

thanks 57

OPace [1:18 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:18 PM]:

Juncta Juvant [1:17 PM]:

jeez, C’mon guys, dammit

Juncta Juvant [1:17 PM]:

@OPace ok

OPace [1:16 PM]:

@joeb69 52

Juncta Juvant [1:16 PM]:

wait, wasn’t 54 ejected? how did he just tackle Hyde?

OPace [1:16 PM]:

Big 3rd down here…we need to keep scoring

Sam Vecenie [1:15 PM]:

Oh god, I haven’t seen Larry Coker’s name in like 10 years.

Juncta Juvant [1:14 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie yeah, he shouldn’t enter the draft

OPace [1:14 PM]:

And we can’t even hold onto a easy pick

Sam Vecenie [1:14 PM]:

Gotta bring more pressure on Gardner. He’s struggled with that all season.

Juncta Juvant [1:14 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:13 PM]:

Dammit, Bradley. That would have been a game changer.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:13 PM]:

Brady Hoke must have slathered his players in Crisco. That’s my explanation for the missed tackles

OPace [1:13 PM]:

Seriously, what Michigan team is this and what happend to negative rushing yard Michigan?

Clay Wendler [1:10 PM]:

Lesterh [1:10 PM]:

How many tackles can we miss today?

OPace [1:10 PM]:

Christ….even when we have 3 guys unblocked, we can’t tackle

Clay Wendler [1:10 PM]:

ahowie [1:09 PM]:

Oh wow a third down

OPace [1:09 PM]:

Florida St is struggling….only up 3-0…..this was our chance for style points

Juncta Juvant [1:09 PM]:

@OPace all screens and missed tackles…

OPace [1:08 PM]:

DLine is getting dominated by this awful oline

Sam Vecenie [1:08 PM]:

Biggest thing that Michigan is doing well right now is that they’re neutralizing the interior line, which is where OSU holds the biggest advantage.

Juncta Juvant [1:08 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:07 PM]:

Juncta Juvant [1:07 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie it’s not the arm punt…it’s the fact that we can’t stop them, we are going to have to score on every posession

Andrew Huster [1:07 PM]:

Meyer better whip these guys into shape during halftime.

Ian Cuevas [1:06 PM]:

Certainly not the start Ohio State was planning or expecting.

ahowie [1:06 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Result wise, yes. Doesn’t exactly have the same psychological impact, though.

OPace [1:06 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie And a good punt at that….but now our “defense” has to play

Sam Vecenie [1:06 PM]:

I don’t understand why people just freaked out about that Braxton interception. Literally that was an arm punt.

Amish Houdini [1:05 PM]:

at least our receivers can tackle…

Juncta Juvant [1:05 PM]:

lol, we’re going to lose

ahowie [1:05 PM]:

Nice punt, Braxton. This seriously could not be going any worse.

OPace [1:04 PM]:

@joeb69 Or thrown for a TD…badly underthrown

Juncta Juvant [1:04 PM]:

Miller could have ran all day on that play

Juncta Juvant [1:03 PM]:

@OPace ref show

Sam Vecenie [1:03 PM]:

Marcus Hall is the best for that double bird flip though.

OPace [1:02 PM]:

@joeb69 A bunch of players did….how was he the only one tossed?

Juncta Juvant [1:02 PM]:

@OPace came on from the sidelines

OPace [1:02 PM]:

Michigan player rips off OSU players helmet….2 OSU player get tossed…very fair

Clay Wendler [1:02 PM]:

Clay Wendler [1:02 PM]:

OPace [1:01 PM]:

How did Hall get ejected? He did nothing.

Juncta Juvant [1:01 PM]:

lol flipped off the whole fricking state

Sam Vecenie [1:00 PM]:

“Maurice Hall”

OPace [1:00 PM]:

Wow…fucking bullshit…

Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

Marcus Hall has been ejected from the game.

Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

Dontre Wilson has been ejected from the game.

Sam Vecenie [12:59 PM]:

Dontre should probably know that throwing punches against helmets isn’t particularly effective

Juncta Juvant [12:59 PM]:

@ahowie saw a few ganders throwing punches too

OPace [12:58 PM]:

Yes, lets lose out composure as well

ahowie [12:58 PM]:

See ya, Tre

Ian Cuevas [12:58 PM]:

Punches being thrown now. Dontre Wilson’s helmet coming off in a flurry of fists.

Sam Vecenie [12:58 PM]:

“Dontre Willis”

Juncta Juvant [12:57 PM]:


Juncta Juvant [12:56 PM]:

@Clay Wendler flagged

Clay Wendler [12:55 PM]:

Juncta Juvant [12:55 PM]:

yeah, might as well lose, these Buckeyes don’t Really want to face Bama or FSU, that would not be any fun

Lesterh [12:55 PM]:

I’m officially pessimistic.

OPace [12:55 PM]:

How many 3rd downs have we even forced? One?

Brett Ludwiczak [12:55 PM]:

My word, this defense is a dumpster fire right now

Ian Cuevas [12:54 PM]:

Jeremy Gallon catches a touchdown over free safety C.J. Barnett

Sam Vecenie [12:54 PM]:

Doran Grant needs to just crawl up in a hole right now.

Juncta Juvant [12:54 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Luke Fickel…the victim of *ichigan

Lesterh [12:53 PM]:

What is happening?

ahowie [12:53 PM]:


Adam Woodard [12:53 PM]:


OPace [12:53 PM]:

At least for that play we can say its a great play by a great athlete

Ian Cuevas [12:53 PM]:

Doran Grant the victim of that hurdle.

Juncta Juvant [12:53 PM]:

@ahowie yep, ridiculous

ahowie [12:52 PM]:

That about sums it up

OPace [12:52 PM]:

@joeb69 And the fact that this is about the 6th best offense we’ve seen all year

Juncta Juvant [12:51 PM]:

@OPace yeah, especially after the last few weeks, thought they were improving

OPace [12:50 PM]:

208 yards in the quarter…extremely embarassing

Adam Woodard [12:49 PM]:

I wanna talk to Christopher Jason…I’ve watched TTUN all year an haven’t seen these plays

Brett Ludwiczak [12:49 PM]:

Need a turnover here to give the D some pep

Clay Wendler [12:49 PM]:

Juncta Juvant [12:48 PM]:

yeah, not feeling extremely confident at this point

Amish Houdini [12:48 PM]:

learn to tackle!

Ian Cuevas [12:47 PM]:

Derrick Green slashing the Buckeyes defense.

Juncta Juvant [12:47 PM]:

Geebus, where’s the D?

OPace [12:45 PM]:

Now, the defense can start not sucking

Amish Houdini [12:45 PM]:

He made sure we wouldn’t be outscored in the first quarter

Juncta Juvant [12:44 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:44 PM]:

Braxton Miller burning the Wolverine defense right up the middle and outracing everyone to the endzone. Touchdown, Ohio State

OPace [12:44 PM]:


Andrew Huster [12:44 PM]:

I was just about to say how infuriating this game has been so far

Amish Houdini [12:44 PM]:

Love the stiff arm, too

Andrew Huster [12:44 PM]:


Amish Houdini [12:43 PM]:

That will do!

Juncta Juvant [12:43 PM]:

I don’t care for this new comment section

OPace [12:42 PM]:

Michigan has 170 yards in2 drives….thats a good half for them

Ian Cuevas [12:41 PM]:

Michigan takes the lead again, off of another option run.

OPace [12:41 PM]:

Fickell bashers are feeling very vindicated right now

Amish Houdini [12:40 PM]:


OPace [12:39 PM]:

Well, we can’t get off blocks, tackle or cover people….other than that, the defense has been great

ahowie [12:39 PM]:

This is fucking embarrassing.

Sam Vecenie [12:38 PM]:

Covering people also may be preferable to not covering people

Amish Houdini [12:38 PM]:

Are you kidding me? There was noone around him

ahowie [12:38 PM]:

How id that even happen?

Adam Woodard [12:37 PM]:

Taylor Lewan is a communist

OPace [12:37 PM]:

@ahowie Nah…I am otherwise engaged

ahowie [12:37 PM]:

Ughhhh tackle that _ofo @OPace You going to the FTS meet up?

Amish Houdini [12:37 PM]:

Grab a hold on them!

Sam Vecenie [12:37 PM]:

I feel like tackling people is normally a good thing. Is that a good thing?

OPace [12:35 PM]:

Howie and Sam are here….where’s Pyro and Kendaru?

Ian Cuevas [12:35 PM]:

@ahowie He’s saved two potential touchdowns now.

Clay Wendler [12:35 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [12:34 PM]:

Michigan’s kick return is coming back, the Wolverines will start from their own 30-yard line.

ahowie [12:34 PM]:

Roby’s a freak. He’s the fastest kid alive.

OPace [12:33 PM]:

Next time, lets kick it to the endzone

Amish Houdini [12:33 PM]:

But good on Roby again

Amish Houdini [12:33 PM]:

It’s coming back

Brett Ludwiczak [12:32 PM]:

What a throw. I’ll take more of that pls

OPace [12:32 PM]:

In Gainesville, Florida actually moving the ball relatively competently….down 3-0

OPace [12:30 PM]:

BTW – I love this format

OPace [12:30 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Yeah, once I told him what the problem was

Ian Cuevas [12:29 PM]:

Braxton Miller finding Devin Smith very deep, for an Ohio State touchdown

OPace [12:29 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [12:29 PM]:

Pretty sure Braxton fixed himself.

ahowie [12:29 PM]:

Phew. Thought that was going to be out of his reach.

Andrew Huster [12:29 PM]:


Amish Houdini [12:29 PM]:

That’ more like it!

Ian Cuevas [12:28 PM]:

Another third down coming up. 3rd and 9.

OPace [12:27 PM]:

Braxton is broken

Ian Cuevas [12:27 PM]:

@OPace You’re correct. They ran that with Philly a couple of times last year. I haven’t seen them run that with Philly much this year, if at all.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:27 PM]:

Wolverines making the Buckeyes earn every yard early

Amish Houdini [12:26 PM]:

Urban has tricks up his sleeve

OPace [12:26 PM]:

They ran that to Dontre for a TD last week

Ian Cuevas [12:25 PM]:

Interesting call as Philly Brown takes the touch pass for a first down.

Ian Cuevas [12:25 PM]:

Buckeyes facing 3rd and 5 with a charged up crowd right now.

Ian Cuevas [12:24 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Welcome aboard.

Sam Vecenie [12:23 PM]:

Oh hi friends

Brett Ludwiczak [12:22 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas Woody is spinning in his grave after allowing a 99-yard TD drive to Michigan

Amish Houdini [12:21 PM]:

Plenty of time to regroup. Michigan caught us off guard

Ian Cuevas [12:21 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Clearly they were ready for what Ohio State was throwing at them from the beginning.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:20 PM]:

Oof, that’s a pretty rough start for the defense.

Ian Cuevas [12:20 PM]:

Devin Gardner runs the option into the endzone, and Michigan goes on top 7-0.

Andrew Huster [12:20 PM]:


OPace [12:20 PM]:

Alright, time to remove heads from asses

Ian Cuevas [12:18 PM]:

Well, it’s probably a good time to be thankful that Bradley Roby has some world class speed.

OPace [12:18 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:17 PM]:

Gardner finds his man for a first down, giving the Wolverines a little breathing room.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:15 PM]:

would be a great time to hit Michigan with one of their patented negative rushing plays

OPace [12:15 PM]:

Muschamp is so stupid

Ian Cuevas [12:15 PM]:

Long snapper Bryce Haynes was the player to down the punt inside the five. Impressive.

Ian Cuevas [12:14 PM]:

Excellent punting by freshman Cameron Johnston pins Michigan inside their own 5-yard line.

OPace [12:13 PM]:


Amish Houdini [12:13 PM]:

nice punt!

Ian Cuevas [12:12 PM]:

Braxton Miller a bit slow to get up after taking a shot following the throw. Buckeyes set to punt.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:11 PM]:

another 3rd down coming up

Charles Doss [12:10 PM]:

Carlos Hyde!!

OPace [12:10 PM]:

If they can’t stop Hyde…it will be over early

Amish Houdini [12:10 PM]:

Great Run!

Ian Cuevas [12:10 PM]:

@OPace Looks like it’s not too strong, but there is enough to move the flag.

Ian Cuevas [12:09 PM]:

Woof, Braxton missed a wide open Devin Smith on that throw. 3rd and 3 upcoming.

OPace [12:08 PM]:

Hows the wind?

Ian Cuevas [12:07 PM]:

Kickoff goes out of the endzone, and Ohio State’s offense will start from their own 25-yard line.

Andrew Huster [12:06 PM]:

I am so ready.

OPace [12:06 PM]:

I have Florida-FSU on the small tv…will keep half an eye on it just in case

Ian Cuevas [12:06 PM]:

I’ll go with 34-20, Buckeyes.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:04 PM]:

I posted 38-17 on Thursday. Put it away early, Buckeyes

OPace [12:03 PM]:

Final prediction – Michigan stays within 2 TDs by half…OSU pulls away late…42-14

Ian Cuevas [12:02 PM]:

Here we go. Minutes from kickoff now.

Charles Doss [12:02 PM]:

Brett Ludwiczak [11:56 AM]:

Barkley, Corso, and Herbie all pick Ohio State to beat Michigan. Not surprising, but Corso and Barkley think it’ll be close

Charles Doss [11:56 AM]:

About that time, fellas!

Ted Glover [11:55 AM]:

Okay, just ran through a wall. Think I’m ready

Ian Cuevas [11:53 AM]:

I think you can expect much of the same from him this year.

Brett Ludwiczak [11:53 AM]:

Last year I watched the game from a tailgate in the parking lot near 315. I sort of miss being so cold yet feeling so warm at the same time from the heat of beating Michigan

OPace [11:50 AM]:

Just finished watching last years game…Hyde was such a beast

Brett Ludwiczak [11:49 AM]:

Hello to all those out there in Buckeyeland and thanks for joining us for the Beat Michigan party

Ian Cuevas [11:47 AM]:

The Game is finally here. Not too much longer to wait!