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Ohio State-Morgan State score update: 49-23 OSU at half

Lenzelle Smith Jr. and Shannon Scott were the story of the first half against Morgan State.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

After a lightning quick start by newly minted started junior guard Shannon Scott, Ohio State and Morgan State found themselves trading baskets for a period in which neither team's offense looked particularly hot. Enter: Lenzelle Smith Jr.

Behind a series of made threes and an explosive dunk, Ohio State was able to break out to an even larger lead. After one half of play (and a series of highlight reel plays from Smith Jr.), Ohio State leads 49-23.

Following in the footsteps of his exhibition game, Amir Williams continues to look more confident and assertive across the board. As our own Sam Vecenie noted, even Amir's free throw formed looked more comfortable. In a pleasant surprise, Trey McDonald also looked far closer to what many expected him to be when he first arrived in Columbus from Michigan.

The lone concern for Ohio State is likely the inability by LaQuinton Ross to get into the flow of the offense. Ross took seven shots in the first half, making only one as time expired on a put back. He did finish the first half with nine rebounds, three of them on the offensive glass.


Lenzelle Smith Jr: 5/6 for 13 points, 4 rebounds

Shannon Scott 3/5 for 11 points, 4 assists

Justin Black, Morgan State: 3/14 for 6 points, 3 rebounds