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Ohio State recruiting: @LGHLRecruiting staff roundtable, 12/16 Pt. 2

The Land-Grant Holy Land recruiting staff continues their look at the big questions surrounding the 2014 and 2015 Ohio State football recruiting classes.

Ohio State commit Dylan Thompson with Buckeye DE Joey Bosa.
Ohio State commit Dylan Thompson with Buckeye DE Joey Bosa.

Raekwon McMillan is set to announce in but a few hours with a decision that will send reverberations throughout the college football recruiting landscape. The Buckeyes' already stellar 2014 class would instantly turn into one of the top two classes in the country.

But with the action far from over and done in the 2014 recruiting cycle for Ohio State and the rest of college football's most ambitious programs alike, there's still plenty more to develop in the months to follow.

Join Adam Buckler, Austin Kemp, Charles Doss, Ian Cuevas, and myself as we continue looking at what some of the surprises for the 2014 class might be as well as exploring what 2015 may hold in store for the Ohio State football program.

Let's talk some 2015 recruiting. A lot of quarterbacks have been associated with the Buckeyes. Who is your top one or two the staff should recruit the hardest and why? Which quarterback do you see ending up in this class?

Adam: My top two quarterbacks for 2015 are Brandon Wimbush and Lorenzo Nunez. I think the staff should push hardest for Wimbush. I really like what I've seen on film from Brandon, but Nunez is right behind him. It would be really nice for the Bucks to land either guy here, but I think the Bucks end up with Wimbush.

Austin: Brandon Wimbush's game impresses me the most. He's a solid runner and has a huge arm. There's no doubt he's a little raw, but there's no reason why he can't be great at the next level. He ends up a Buckeye sooner rather than later.

Charles: New Jersey quarterback Brandon Wimbush is a 2015 signal caller I'm really high on. He recently visited OSU with high school teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick, who also holds an offer from the Bucks and had nothing but good things to say about the trip. He plays for one of the top teams in the Garden state and goes up against top talent almost weekly. He has shown he isn't just a threat with his arm but also has the athletic ability to tuck the ball away and make plays with his feet, which is something that comes in handy in the Buckeyes offensive plans. The Buckeyes are currently one of the top teams on his list, making Wimbush a class of 2015 prospect all of Buckeye Nation should keep a close eye on.

Ian: I'm pretty confident that Ohio State's main focus at quarterback should be Kyler Murray and Lorenzo Nunez, in that order. I think Murray is vastly underrated, and mostly because of his size. Murray has excellent pocket awareness, and is one of the faster quarterbacks among the dual-threat quarterbacks. Both are top 10 dual-threat quarterbacks in the class of 2015, and both already have an offer from the Buckeyes. Murray is one of the top prospects overall, and it's going to take some tough recruiting by the coaching staff to get him away from his home state (mainly, Texas A&M) but if anyone can do it, it's Ohio State. Nunez is similar, and either one would be a great grab for the Buckeyes. Of the two, Nunez is a much safer bet than Murray, simply due to the head start Texas A&M got.

Miles: Brandon Wimbush and Lorenzo Nunez have the ability to be very good players at the college level and I'm extremely confident Ohio State could get one of them if they wanted, but I think they could go a level higher. Torrance Gibson has the ability to be an elite play-maker at the quarterback position. His game reminds me a lot of Terrelle Pryor's. You can say what you want about TP as a person, but I think everyone can agree he was a special player at the college level. This is going to be an Ohio State-Miami battle and I currently have him pegged for the Bucks.

Another option here would be to grab one of Wimbush/Nunez and take Gibson who could start off as a quarterback and if that doesn't work out, he also has the ability to develop into an elite receiver.

Note: We'll have more on Gibson next week as I'm set to chat with him early next week. He plays in the state title game this weekend.

Who are one or two players that you could see flipping from another school to join Ohio State's class?

Adam: I see safety Mike Rogers, who is currently committed to UCF, possibly flipping to OSU. After this season the Buckeyes will need to replace 3 seniors at the safety position, so look for Urban to load up on safeties this class.

Austin: I do not see any flips at the moment. However, come January, that's when the talk would start to heat up, if there is any.

Charles: A lot of people believe current UCF commit Mike Rogers will pick the Buckeyes after receiving his offer from the staff a while back and that could very well could end up being the case. As I said in our last round table, I believe Brady Taylor, a current Virginia Tech commit, could also be a name to look out for when it comes to a possible flip. Taylor, an athletic offensive lineman,is a Columbus native who attends Bishop Ready High School on the West Side. Like many from Central,Ohio, Brady grew up a huge fan of the Buckeyes and dreamed of playing in the Horse Shoe.If Taylor gets an offer from the Buckeyes, I believe he could be a part of this class.

Ian: Perhaps the best chance at flipping a commitment in Ohio State's favor is '14 safety Mike Rogers. Rogers is currently committed to Central Florida, but announced he would be taking all five official visits, starting in December. With the Buckeyes handing out an offer in October, expect Ohio State to keep sending feelers out on Rogers' thinking toward the Buckeyes.

Miles: Central Florida safety commit Mike Rogers is the obvious pick here. I think he's going to be in this class, but I'm not quite sure when it will become official. Keep an eye out for flips as we inch closer to signing day. A lot of the time we see flips come out of nowhere.

I see guys like ATH Jerome Baker and QB Brandon Wimbush ending up at OSU when it's all said and done

Which 2015 prospects are you comfortable projecting to Ohio State? Who do you see as the next commit?

Adam: I see guys like ATH Jerome Baker and QB Brandon Wimbush ending up at OSU when it's all said and done. I could definitely see a QB whether that being Wimbush or Nunez being the next commit for the class of 2015.

Austin: Offensive line prospect Drew Richmond will pledge to the Buckeyes. That could come at any time. Like stated before, there would also be no surprise to see Brandon Wimbush in this class.

Charles: Some of the 2015 recruits I could see being Buckeyes are Wimbush, Jerome Baker and Justin Hilliard.  All three would be big pick ups for the future of the OSU program. I could see a commit from Baker.

Ian: ATH/CB Defensive tackle Tim Settle is a prospect I feel confident will end up at Ohio State. Offensive guard Steven Gonzalez is going to come down to Ohio State and Rutgers, and I think in the end, Gonzalez will give his pledge to the Buckeyes.

Miles: Ohio State is in the thick of things for many of the top recruits in the 2015 class. I'm pretty confident we'll see Jerome Baker, James Daniels, and Jordan Whitehead in this class. Others that I think we'll see in this class as of now, but aren't guys I'm as confident about include Tim Settle, Larry Scott, Van Jefferson, and Steven Gonzalez. It's going to be a lot of fun to follow this class as it's going to be the biggest one of the Urban Meyer era.

Who are the two or three most important players for the Bucks to land in the 2015 class?

Adam: Two guys that stand out to me that would be "must haves" for the class of 2015 are LB Justin Hilliard out of Cincinnati and DT Tim Settle out of Virginia.  There are still depth issues on Urban Meyers defense and these two committing to the Bucks could solve a lot of those problems.

Austin: I think a big-time quarterback like Wimbush is a must get and will make or break this class. If not Wimbush, then Torrance Gibson or possibly even Jarrett Stidham. It will also be important to bring in a bigger running back, Mike Weber or Jacques Patrick.

Charles: To me, keeping Jerome Baker and Justin Hilliard in state is really important. Two of the top Ohio prospects regardless of class, OSU will have to fight off numerous programs to land both Baker and Hilliard but both have the type of talent to be special in the Scarlet and Gray.

Miles: I think it's important to keep guys like Jerome Baker and Justin Hilliard in state for their college careers. I also feel it's important to have elite talent in this class with guys like Torrance Gibson, Time Settle, Terry Beckner Jr., and many others.

Who are the one or two most underrated commits in the 2014 class? Anyone you feel the staff reached on?

Adam: Two guys that jump out to me as underrated are Terry McLaurin and Malik Hooker. McLaurin was very under the radar coming into the 2013 season, but has a lot of success. McLaurin also place second in the NIKE SPARQ competition behind #1 ATH Speedy Noil. Hooker who is also a stud on the basketball court was a bit of surprise commit for the Buckeyes. With a limited number of scholarships due to NCAA sanctions many thought Hooker was a stretch, but I think he will make a very good transition to the safety position at OSU. I feel the staff may have reached on QB Stephen Collier. The three star QB out of Georgia has shown some potential, but I believe he will need to work a lot on his game before he sees the field for the Buckeyes.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Austin: Noah Brown, in my eyes, is being underrated. That's a kid who is physical enough to come in a play on day one. Also Malik Hooker. He possesses extreme athletic ability and can play on either side of the ball. Marcelys Jones can fit into the "reach" category on the offensive line, though the staff accepted his offer very early.

Charles: I don't believe the staff reached on any current commits, as they know just not want type of football player but person they want in this program. Dylan Thompson is one prospect who doesn't seem to get the love he deserves from national media. I watched a couple live streams of Montini this season and Thompson was doubled if not tripled teamed almost every snap he played but always seemed to be around the ball at the end of the play. A legit 6-5 270, Thompson could be a force of the Buckeye defensive line for years to come.

Ian: ATH Malik Hooker has quite a bit of speed, and tremendous vision. Able to play as a defensive back or a wide receiver, I think Hooker could be a sneaky-good grab when his career is all said and done. The one player I think the Buckeyes reached on was quarterback Stephen Collier, but even then, the staff wouldn't go after someone they weren't comfortable with.

Miles: I think people are sleeping on Glenville offensive guard Marcelys Jones, who I think will be clearing big holes in Ohio State's run game during his time in Columbus. He has the size to be a monster along the offensive line if he works hard in the weight room.  On defense I think people are sleeping on Dylan Thompson, who probably isn't going to make an immediate impact, but he has the physical tools to be a very good player once he develops.

I think the Bucks might have reached on Stephen Collier, but I trust this staff's judgement so I'm fine with them accepting him into this class. I do think JT Barrett is the answer at quarterback and will start for three or four years.