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Raekwon McMillan live commitment announcement stream, coverage

College football's regular season may be over but recruiting can turn any given Monday into a bowl game. Join the @LGHLRecruiting staff as we find out where all-everything linebacker Raekwon McMillan lands.

Raekwon McMillan isn't your run of the mill recruit. Michigan faithful had their guts ripped out when 5-star defensive lineman Da'Shawn Hand elected to go to Alabama (in what almost felt like an eleventh hour pivot) over the long favored Wolverines, but now the Buckeyes find themselves on the defensive against Nick Saban's Crimson Tide dynasty.

Where as the circumstances surrounding McMillan's own personal recruitment aren't quite the same, he's long been pegged as a Buckeye lean (the entire @LGHLRecruiting staff still thinks that's where he'll end up by the bottom-to-end of the hour) though Alabama (and even Clemson) have been thought by some to make up ground in recent weeks.

To the Buckeyes' credit, Urban Meyer and a team of assistants including reportedly Mike Vrabel and Everett Withers got the final in-home visit for the 5-star Georgia linebacker. If anyone's going to bet against Urban Meyer, we won't be the first.

Join the @LGHLRecruiting staff below as we cover McMillan's announcement. All questions/comments and celebratory/panic reactions are welcome. Go Bucks.