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Ohio State-Delaware score update: Bucks up 37-26 at the break

A sluggish start had the Blue Hens keeping pace with the Buckeyes, but a late first half run reasserted OSU offensively.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

In easily the tightest half since Wyoming played the Buckeyes tough, Ohio State find themselves lucky to have the kind of lead they do heading into half time. The Buckeyes started just 1-for-7 from the field and seldom looked themselves offensively much of the first half.

An unlikely coast-to-coast drive and-one opportunity for OSU sophomore Amedeo Della Valle opened things up kick starting a 12-0 run. Overall, despite their struggles shooting the ball, LaQuinton Ross paced Ohio State finishing around double digits in scoring with Amir Williams continuing to show his improved 2013-14 self following close behind. Delaware's team of similarly first named Devon Saddler, Devonne Pinkard, and Davon Usher all had moments of success against the OSU defense.

For Ohio State in the second half, a regression to the mean offensively and perhaps some slightly better luck on the opposite end could get the Buckeyes even more room to breathe and help get Thad Matta's team back on pace for the kind of margin they were projected to win by.