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Paul Finebaum Show post-Auburn/Alabama, Ohio State/Michigan Open Thread


F baum

If you're unfamiliar with the Paul Finebaum Show (or Finebaum in general), boy are you in for a treat. Finebaum is basically like what if the Ohio State exaggerated stereotype of Kirk Herbstreit had his own four hour radio show each day with a cast of Jim Rome's the Jungle-esque character callers...except they're all from Alabama. While a few weeks ago, PAWWWWWWLLLL (as you're probably used to seeing on the interwebs) was defending Ohio State should Florida State lose. We're willing to go out on a limb and guess that he's not as pro-Buckeyes after the events that transpired this past weekend.

Click here to stream along and join us making fun of the absurdity we hear in the comments below. If you've got access to WatchESPN or a TV, you can watch on ESPNU, as well.

Go Bucks. Beat reason (or the lack there of).