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This video will make you want an Urban Meyer Super Action Paper Super Doll

Never change, internet.

Ohio State's Urban Meyer is nothing if not polarizing. You either love him or you *REALLY* love him (/puts fingers in ears; /bumps Florida State's fight song).

Okay, okay. So admitting that maybe, some people out there don't like him, or heck, maybe they just don't like the football industrial machine altogether, but those very facts plus internet plus time = "Urban Meyer Super Action Paper Doll".

If you like "Adult Swim" style humor or have spent just about any amount of time on Reddit, you're going to burn a near limitless amount of company bandwidth re-watching this in the lead up to your holiday break.

"You can also experience the intense environment of an Ohio State press conference – with or without pants! Discuss player injuries; enjoy answering the same depth chart questions asked 47 ways," in front on Ohio State-Cracker Barrel themed media backdrop = DEAD.

(via /r/OhioStateFootball)