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Ohio State football: One reason to beat Clemson

As we get closer to the Orange Bowl, we'll bring you plenty of reasons that the Buckeyes need to beat Clemson. The fact that South Carolinians aggressively hate Ohioans, to the point of dedicating a website to their displeasure, is just one of them.


I was born in Ohio, and lived in Ohio for most of my life. My husband took a job just north of Atlanta nearly nine years ago, and we moved south to enjoy warmer temperatures and readily available sweet tea, and haven't looked back. Generally speaking, we have found the Atlanta metro area to be filled with welcoming people, and consistent with the commonly held perception of southern friendliness.

So imagine my surprise, given my pleasant experience assimilating into southern culture as a transplant from Ohio, to learn that South Carolinians aren't nearly as welcoming toward Ohioans as Georgians seem to be. As a matter of fact, South Carolinians hate Ohioans. I mean, they aggressively hate Ohioans.

Now, if you're from Ohio, or even if you just spent a few years in Columbus while attending Ohio State, you're fully aware that the weather leaves much to be desired for a significant portion of the year. South Carolina, on the other hand, is lovely and temperate. Of course Ohioans like to visit South Carolina, and even relocate to South Carolina if the opportunity arises.

Well, South Carolinians aren't on board with any of that. A couple of them have gone so far as to procure a website,, which serves the sole purpose of telling Ohioans to go back to Ohio.

Oh, they have reasons. They think Ohioans are rude and discourteous, they disapprove of Ohioans' tendency to have a lot of raves, and they're really against that whole sandals with socks thing that is allegedly a hallmark of Ohioan attire. The good folks at even single out Buckeyes fans, designating people who "proudly wear Ohio State paraphernalia" as the target audience for their site.

These South Carolinians are extremely invested in this whole "Go Back to Ohio" thing. The RiverDogs, a Charleston-area Class A affiliate of the Yankees, hosted a "Go Back to Ohio" night at their ballpark for several years in a row. One enterprising gentlemen has seized the "Go Back to Ohio" movement as a merchandising opportunity, marketing stickers and beer Koozies to encourage Ohioans to go back from whence they came.

South Carolinians are probably also a little jealous of the Buckeyes simply because there is a large number of Buckeye-friendly bars throughout South Carolina. Buckeyes fans can enjoy Ohio State football with their scarlet and gray clad brethren in Socastee Station and Overtime Sports Bar in Myrtle Beach, Matthew's Sports Bar and Sparians in Mount Pleasant, just outside of Charleston. Hilton Head, South Carolina boasts two Buckeye-friendly bars, Mangiamos and Paul Boes. According to the Charleston City Paper back in 2010, Hilton Head had exactly zero Clemson-specific bars.

With that in mind, it's really important for the Buckeyes to beat Clemson in the Orange Bowl, and beat them badly. The fine people of South Carolina have invested a great deal of energy and enthusiasm into hating Ohio in general, and it would be inconsiderate for the Buckeyes to allow all of this South Carolinian animus go to waste. Beat the Tigers, Buckeyes, and give South Carolina one more reason to hate Ohio. It's the right thing to do.