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Ohio State football may miss Roby, Spence, Grant in bowl game

An already worrisome Buckeye defense could get substantially more shorthanded in the Orange Bowl against Clemson, as multiple key contributors could miss the game.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Buckeye fans were not treated to good news this morning, as the Ohio State coaching staff relayed that multiple key contributors on defense are banged up, or may otherwise potentially have their availability limited.

Ohio State's leading pass defender is also banged up:

If Roby is unable to play, Fickell elaborated on who might potentially take his place, which probably isn't going to excite any Buckeye fans.

We also know that Noah Spence has not made the trip to Miami. If he doesn't play, here who is who might be taking his place:

Just where is Noah Spence anyway? Is he going to play?

So...that doesn't sound great.

There is however, some good news, as the team confirmed that a new face will see more time on defense.

Hopefully the aforementioned players are able to get healthy and/or available. With this unit already facing some question marks, losing three key contributors means Ohio State might have to score 50 if they want to win the game.