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Ohio State-Michigan 2013: BTN's The Journey director's cut

So, that whole one tunnel business in The Big House? Yeah, about that.

If you enjoy heavily stylized, slow motion replays, you know there's little better than the Big Ten Network's "The Journey." In addition to providing previously little seen footage, the world class production team always seem to capture the most genuinely human/compelling moments in whatever event it is they cover.

The scuttlebutt had been that The Journey's "The Game" footage was just about second to none, and this director's cut focusing extensively on Ohio State-Michigan proves just that. And as Buckeye Sports Bulletin's Jeff Svoboda points out, their pre-Game footage only further sheds light on why the whole one tunnel thing going on in Michigan Stadium can lead to some rather contentious situations.

If you're more of an HD TV kind of guy or gal, you can check this out to see when the full episode will be re-airing on BTN.