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Big Ten Championship Game 2013: This trailer will get you ready for Ohio State-Michigan State

The official YouTube channel for Ohio State football has once again brought the chills and intensity in their video, this time a trailer for the Big Ten Championship game between the Buckeyes and Michigan State.

Ohio State's official YouTube channel for the football team has come up big again for Buckeye fans, this time in the form of a trailer for the Big Ten Championship Game. Featuring Ohio State and Michigan State, this game has much more on the line than a Big Ten title. If the Buckeyes win, they could potentially end up in the BCS National Championship, against Florida State, while the Spartans are trying to make the Rose Bowl and upset Ohio State.

As if the stakes alone weren't enough to get you excited for this game, this video might help you out some. One of the best lines from coach Meyer is featured in the video as well "4-6 seconds, A to B, and you get pissed off when you get there."

Lucas Oil Stadium is also in the short trailer, along with an inside look at the stadium and the field where the game will be played on Saturday night. With Buckeye highlights galore in the trailer, I'm certain you won't be able to wait much longer for this game.

A big thank you to the fantastic work David Trichel has done to put these videos together all season long for Ohio State.