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Watch Ohio State's Urban Meyer inspire high school football coaches

The Buckeyes' head football coach addresses other Ohio high school football coaches on the importance of molding young men.

Leave it to Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer to both engage and compel an audience to better things. A month back, we saw Meyer address a group of Ohio high school wrestling coaches. Now we get a full length glimpse into him doing the same for some of the state of Ohio's best and brightest football motivators.

The best of Meyer comes courtesy of his straying from the customary emphasis on scheme, formation, or strategy and instead hammering home the need to truly impact student athletes off the field to hep them achieve their true potetnial. "I love this saying: You can move mountains with a football team if they know you care about them. That's the tricky part," Meyer stresses. As is customary, Meyer also drops the famed Earle Bruce turtle anecdote. If you aren't familiar, well it's about time to remedy that by hitting play just above.

Listening to Meyer speak, it's no wonder he's had the success he's had both on and off the field; the guy can outright inspire a crowd. It's pretty hard not to get motivated to want put on some pads and hit somebody after listening to him when he's on.