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New Ohio State logos cost school $45,000

Ohio State's new athletic logo (and university seal) reportedly cost the school $45,000 to design.

Proof positive it pays to major in design.
Proof positive it pays to major in design.

There were murmurs and guesstimates flying a plenty back when Ohio State's bland, visually unappealing revision to their current athletic mark first saw the light of day that the university had probably spent 6-7 figures on what from an end product sense amounted to firing up Adobe Photoshop CS 6, clicking on the Paint Bucket icon, and filling in some lines. For those cynics, we've got good news and we've got bad news.

The good news is the changes apparently only cost the university $45,000 for the revisions to both the athletic mark as well as the somewhat equally bothersome revisions to the university seal. The bad news is that someone (hi, students!) paid $45,000 for those alterations, which aren't exactly going over gangbusters with current students and alumni alike. While a few practical stabs have been made at providing some more aesthetically sating alternatives, it remains to be seen if anything short of a petition to can cause the sort of action necessary to override a change rivaling the switch from the '90s grey football shoulder stripes to the red ones of the early-to-mid 80's and today in popularity.

Per the Lantern, specifically, the school spent "$37,500 on qualitative and quantitative research and another $7,700 on design refinement," and the changes are expected to be rolled out in the next "12-to-18 months". Of course one could've fired up a Survey Monkey on for a whole lot less, but we digress.