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Ohio State's terrible new logo (plus turtles)'s Eric Schieve, Matt Brown, and Luke Zimmermann tackle the week that was in Ohio State non-news news.

In a world where Ohio State abandons their 80s-tastic athletic logo for one that looks like it took approximately five minutes (and they pay $45,000 and claim it took a year to make happen). In a time when an entire media cycle is spent on a clearly embellished joke on toughness about a turtle belonging to Woody Hayes, wait, Earle Bruce, no, j/k. "I want those five minutes of my life back. Stop wasting Jerry Emig's time! Unrelated. I don't know how to Internet," Joe Hotsportsnewtakes said indignantly.

In spite of a busy day, nay, news cycle of non-news, we manage to hit these topics with the wrath of a thousand suns... and then move on to butchering John Shurna's name! (We kid John Shurna; that was your boss at the Outback Steakhouse calling you the wrong first name).

In all actual seriousness, we also preview this Thursday's Northwestern-Ohio State basketball game. Go Buckeyes? Go Buckeyes.

In the interest of choice and endless possibilities, we know some of you find our grotesque appearances discomforting and permanently scarring. As such, below is an open door to the magic world of audio podcasts. Simply hit play or the download button and enjoy the ride: