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Urban Meyer wants to test you on your knowledge of Woody Hayes

Urban Meyer's handing out crib sheets for an exam on Friday. Time to study up.

No turtle factoids. We promise.
No turtle factoids. We promise.

Per the mayor of Columbus Dom Tiberi, Urban Meyer has been giving his Ohio State Buckeyes football players crib sheets of facts about Buckeyes legend Woody Hayes all this week with designs on testing them at week's end. Earlier in the day, the university unveiled an 8-foot bronze statue in Hayes' likeness to pay tribute to the former OSU football coach a day before what would've been the coach's 100th birthday.

Now in terms of what you need to study up on if you want to avoid stadium steps, here's the top page of Meyer's factoid sheets in its entirety:



Throughout the week of Feb 11th - 14th, there will be a new sheet in your mailbox at 7 am with new facts and tidbits about Woody Hayes. On February 14th there will be a test.

Wednesday February 13th – Woody Hayes Facts

I. Football

A. Coach Hayes Coached 3 Heisman Winner: Hop Cassidy and Archie Griffin

B. Coach Hayes was 3 time Coahc of the year (1957, 1958, 1975)

C. 2 Favorite offense plays were: Fullback off-guard and Tailback off-tackle.

D. Archie Griffin, Lou Holtz, Bo Schembechler, Earle Bruce were among those that played/Coach under Woody Hayes

E. Bo went on to Coach "that team up North" and coached against Woody Hayes. During that time it was known as the "Ten Year War"

F. After losses or ties, Hayes would conduct locker room interviews while naked to clear the locker room fast.

II. Personal

A. Father was a superintendant of schools in Newcomerstown, OH

B. Wanted to be a lawyer

C. Woody Majored in History and English, he received his M.A. (Master of Arts) Degree from OSU in 1948

III. Community Service

A. Would travel to Cleveland to visit patients in the hospital. Would do this many times a year

B. Involved in the celebrity waiters luncheon – which raised money for recreational unlimited (Camp for disabled children)

Well, Coach Meyer (or whichever intern/SID put this together) could certainly use some proof reading. And about that "at the time it was known as the 'Ten Year War'"...