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Lawrence Marshall decommits from Ohio State

The 4-star DE wasn't a Buckeye for long and after a day in Ann Arbor, is reconsidering his options.

Short lived former Buckeye pledge, Lawrence Marshall.
Short lived former Buckeye pledge, Lawrence Marshall.

Just a little over 96 hours after committing to Ohio State in the first place, Southfield, Michigan defensive end Lawrence Marshall is back on the open market. Marshall was said to have spent in upwards of three hours with Michigan coaches today at UM's Ann Arbor's campus. A few hours later, there were murmurs that some interesting things could be on the horizon involving the defensive end. Those proved accurate with his Wednesday evening decommitment.

Most Buckeye recruitnik's weren't feeling particularly staunch about Marshall's long term viability after the last 12 hours presented the potential for waffling. Marshall was also in attendance at Tuesday evening's emphatic Michigan State beat down of the Michigan basketball team and was believed to have been speaking with the Spartans' staff then.

It's hard to fault a young man who commits this early to want to reel things back in, reestablish a sense of control, and allow them to perform their due diligence as thoroughly as they can. At the same time, it's hard not to think back to now LSU signee Lewis Neal who committed to the Buckeyes' last spring, only to reneg exactly a week later.