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GameThread: Northwestern at #13 Ohio State

After a brutal two game stretch, the Buckeyes get perhaps their last game of the season where they are heavily favored. Will Ohio State romp over an injury-depleted Northwestern squad?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

What's the medical prescription if you're suffering from splitting headaches, bruises and assorted pains from playing Michigan and Indiana in one week? A quick check on says it is "take one Northwestern and call me in the morning".

When the Wildcats missing seven footer Alex Olah and 6-8 Jared Swopshire, Northwestern will be dangerously undersized, especially since they aren't a particularly strong rebounding team even when everybody is healthy. They'll need a perfect game from Reggie Hearn and company, and a little luck, if they want to spring the upset. It is rare that a team where one of their best players is named after a vegetable (lookin' at you, Kale Abrahamson) springs a huge upset, but crazier things have happened this season.

The usual Buckeye concerns apply here. Will the Ohio State supporting cast come out motivated in a game they're expected to comfortably win, or will they be caught looking to Wisconsin? Which Buckeye will emerge as the secondary scorer (if any)? Will Amir Williams take advantage of his huge size advantage and actually dominate like we all think he's capable of? Will we get any FLOPPY HEADED MAYHEM?

Who knows? The only way to find out is to watch the game with us. Join in our open thread, discuss the action, and it should be pretty okay.

Go Buckeyes.