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'15 WR George Campbell talks recruiting future, Ohio State with LGHL

The class of 2014 has taken center stage when it comes to recruiting future Buckeyes, but there are some special prospects in the class of 2015 that deserve some recognition as well. We talk with '15 WR George Campbell about his season and what he thinks about Ohio State.

'15 WR George Campbell (right) has Ohio State interested in his talents
'15 WR George Campbell (right) has Ohio State interested in his talents

In the past couple of years, recruiting future classes is more and more becoming a common thing among college coaching staffs. It doesn't seem to long ago USC was offering - and receiving a verbal - from a kid in the 8th grade at the age of 13. While schools haven't taken on measures that drastic, coach Meyer knows what he's doing when he begins offering a look into the future classes. One of his offers in the class of 2015 was WR George Campbell. The Florida-native receiver caught the eye of the staff and has since received an offer and continued to keep contact with the staff throughout the past weeks.

Ohio State hasn't been the only one impressed with Campbell, as the 6'3", 180-pound recruit already holds 12 offers from top schools including Arkansas, Clemson Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, among others. In the 2012 season, as a sophomore in high school, Campbell had 30 receptions for 766 yards and had 5 touchdowns. Playing on both sides of the ball, Campbell also contributed 57 tackles, proving his versatility on the gridiron.

While it's still very early in the process, we spoke with Campbell about the recent attention he's received and where Ohio State stands with the rest of the teams vying for his services.

What are your thoughts on Ohio State in general?

Ohio State is a great school, with amazing coaches. I really hear nothing but good things about them and the school itself.

Have you spoken to fellow recruits about Ohio State?

Yes, I've talked a lot with Mason and Tay. They are always telling me how they love it and how the atmosphere is great at Ohio State.

Have you talked with any of the coaching staff recently? What have they said?

The day they offered me, I talked to coach Meyer and coach (Zach) Smith. While we were talking, they both pretty much good things, like how I'm a good player and how they want to see more film of me. They really drove home the point of wanting me to get a visit to Columbus in.

How did your season go from a personal standpoint? Did you meet any of your goals that you might have made?

My season overall was pretty good. I had my good moments, but also my bad moments throughout the season which I can only learn from and get better with. I met most of my goals that I had set for myself at the beginning of the season as well, so I'm pretty proud of that.

Do you currently have any favorites right now?

As of now, because it's so early in the process, I have no favorites that are standing out.

Any idea when you might try and make a decision?

I will most likely make my decision during or after my senior year of high school.

What are the biggest factors when making your decision?

When it comes down to it, the three most important factors are academics, the environment of the school/team, and what kind of coaching that school has.

Are you planning on taking any official visits to Ohio State at some point?

Right now, I can't take any officials yet because it's so early in the process, but once I'm allowed to start taking officials and stuff, I plan on taking one to Ohio State.

Which player (NFL or NCAA) do you look up to, or model yourself as?

I really try and model myself after Brandon Marshall, because he's one of the best in the league and does everything you ask of him.

What are your biggest strengths as a wide receiver?

In my eyes, my biggest strengths are my speed, my size, and running smart and crisp routes.

Is there anything you can improve on?

There's always something to work on so that I can become a better receiver, that chase will never end for people who want to become great.

Check out what George Campbell can bring to Ohio State on the football field: