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Five restaurants worth hitting up near Ohio State's campus

So maybe pizza isn't your thing. Here's a diverse selection of five places near Ohio State's campus you'll want to hit up if you need a bite to eat.

The O'ahuie Gooeyz doesn't mess around.
The O'ahuie Gooeyz doesn't mess around.

Finding something good to eat near Ohio State's Columbus campus isn't exactly a chore. One can't walk 15 feet on High Street without reaching some type of food place; whether it's Hispanic, American, Greek, Asian, or another type of cuisine, the Ohio State campus area is littered with choices. And fortunately for those students that stay up until all hours of the night "studying," the restaurants stay open with them.

When we tossed out there some of the best pizza places near Ohio State, we learned pretty quickly it's impossible to please everyone. Almost every comment on that article told us we erred greatly by omitting Adriatico's. We understand; Ohio State has a plethora of nostalgic staples, but in the interest of time, we just wanted to spitball a few that particularly did it for us.

And although many on staff do enjoy the modern cuisine choices near OSU and think that they deserve equal consideration on a list such as this, with kickstarting conversation in mind, here's a diverse, quick take on a few places that whether you're jamming out at the 18th Avenue Library or half a dozen shots deep at Too's, you'd do well by hitting up. There'll be plenty of time for debate with a long offseason ahead of us, but before we get into counting down the elite of the elite, let's take a look at a few of the stronger places you can't go wrong with.


This restaurant, located in the South Campus Gateway, is all about the sandwiches; mainly grilled cheese. Not just any grilled cheese, though. Gooeyz loads their grilled cheese sandwiches with meat, veggies, and of course, cheese. One can choose from contents such as chicken, bacon, feta cheese, and chipotle mayo-along with many others. They have their own creations that they sell, but they also have a make-it-yourself portion of the menu that is certainly the way to go at Gooeyz. It's fairly new to the Ohio State area; so for those of you who haven't tried this grilled cheese paradise, I recommend you do so next time you visit OSU.


Apollo's Greek Kitchen is located on High Street directly across the street from the Ohio Union. If you are fond of Greek cuisine and late night food fast, Apollo's is the place to go. It's an order-at-the-counter type of restaurant that doesn't have a bad thing on the menu. I highly advise you to get a lamb gyro and the jalapeno poppers if you do indeed venture to Apollo's during your visit to Ohio State. There are only a couple booths and some counter seats at Apollo's, so the seating is limited, but you need to try Apollo's if you never have, especially if you're partaking of High Street's late night scene.


One of the newer additions to the restaurant landscape near Ohio State, Fusian is best described as a Chipotle-style sushi restaurant. You choose everything. From the wrap, to the meat, to the vegetables, toppings, and sauces, you make it how you like. I must say; I wish they had Fusian when I lived on campus. I absolutely love this place. It's located on 11th avenue across the street from Barnes and Noble. Fusian has only been open for a couple weeks now. There is only one in Columbus, but there are 2 other locations in Ohio: Cincinnati and Dayton. If you like sushi, Fusian is definitely worth hitting up.


Open 24/7, 365 Buckeye Donuts is easily the most convenient place to get food near Ohio State. They are known mostly for their choice donuts (as shown in the restaurant name), but the rest of the food is pretty damn good in its own right. They pretty much only serve gyros, but I recommend the chicken fingers – although, you can never go wrong with the Philly cheesesteak gyro. Buckeye Donuts, similarly to all restaurants on this list aside from the one below, is not a sit-down style restaurant. Their only seating options are counter seats either facing the kitchen, or out the window looking onto those walking and driving down High Street. Buckeye Donuts is an Ohio State staple. You can't visit OSU without at least stopping in here either first thing in the morning or late at night to grab a donut.


An Ohio State institution, The Dube (as its known to locals) is a diner style American restaurant con gusto. Going back to the 1940's, the Dube started out as a Greek restaurant before metamorphosing into what we know and love it as today. Whether you're pre-gaming for a night on North Campus, or simply looking for a solid place to take your folks when they visit for Parent & Family Weekend, you could do a lot worse than a C-Bus staple like the Blue Danube. The Dube Deluxe (ground steak burger with bleu cheese and bacon) is a strong choice, as is the venerable "Cobb" Sandwich: grilled chicken, sliced avocado, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato, and chipotle mayo.

So what are some of your favorites in and around the campus area? What's your go-to at 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. alike? Let us know in the comments below.