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2013 National Signing Day live video stream: LGHL's Luke talks Big Ten recruiting

In case you missed it, Luke joined SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein to talk all things Big Ten recruiting (including a focus on who Ohio State and arch rival Michigan will be bringing in). You can also see Dan chat with The Solid Verbal's Ty Hildenbrandt and EDSBS and SB Nation's Spencer Hall.

The very same stream will be live again after all the dust has settled on the faxes with SB Nation Recruiting's Bud Elliott hopping on at 5 p.m. EST and SBN Recruiting's Wescott Eberts joining Dan at 5:30. SB Nation and Big East Coast Bias' Mark Ennis then gets on the horn at 5:45, followed by SB Nation's Jason Kirk, and finally Pacific Takes' Avinash Kunnath to take us home.

If you're looking for great insight on National Signing Day 2013, you won't find much better than the offerings from SB Nation and SB Nation Recruiting.

To catch the part w/ Luke, skip ahead to the 24 minute mark: