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Three Ohio State football players named in search warrant

Per an ABC 6 report, three Ohio State football players are connected to a rape allegation.

According to a report from ABC6 news in Columbus, three freshman Ohio State football players have been named in court documents concerning a female student over rape allegations. The specifics are incredibly vague and it's worth emphasizing that no charges have been filed.

The details of the allegation are graphic, but the gist of the situation is that a female and two friends met a trio of freshman Ohio State football players. After the female went into a room with one of them and began fooling around, a second initiated contact against her will. After leaving, she told police that second individual forced her into engaging in oral sex.

While the third isn't mentioned and the university (nor athletic department) has yet to comment on the situation, let's try and pump the breaks with respect to wanton speculation. ABC6 also reports that one player that recently left the program was one of the three involved, but there's little productive that can come out of dragging potentially innocent individual's names into a situation like this until additional information is available.

More to come.