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GameThread: #4 Wisconsin vs. #2 Ohio State

Ohio State seeks Thad Matta's fourth Big Ten Tournament championship against old friend Bo Ryan and the Wisconsin Badgers on 3:30 p.m. EDT on CBS (Time Warner Columbus/Delaware 1010 HD/10 SD).

Ohio State looks to go 2-1 against Mike Bruesewitz and Wisconsin.
Ohio State looks to go 2-1 against Mike Bruesewitz and Wisconsin.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State's slow march through the grind that was the Big Ten in 2012-2013 comes to an end this afternoon. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, who's team the Buckeyes summarily dismissed from the Big Ten tournament yesterday evening, said in his post game press conference, "at this point, I'd rather play the Lakers than the teams we've been playing." While it's not unlikely Thad Matta and the Bucks feel similarly given the degree of difficulty in the league this year, they've got one more contest to go before they can move on to what's next.

On the opposing bench will bo old nemesis Bo Ryan and the Wisconsin Badgers. While Ohio State fans have been collectively frustrated along with much of the rest of the country about Indiana coach Tom Crean's behavior in the last month plus, Ryan still likely holds a special place near and dear the hearts of Ohio State fans when it comes to harboring distaste for an opposing authority figure. The Buckeyes will get another chance to bounce Bo and in the process claim Ohio State's third Big Ten tourney title in four seasons.

Below is your 2013 Big Ten Tournament championship game GameThread. If this is your first time here (be it as an Ohio State fan or a Wisconsin one), welcome. We don't ask basically anything except that you be cool to the other folks in the thread, and if you're tapped into the collective pulse of the Internet, you best bring your meme/GIF a-game. Anything else goes. Well, *almost* anything else.

One more Big Ten basketball game in 2012-2013. Let's go.

2013 Big Ten Tournament
Wisconsin Badgers Ohio State Buckeyes
vs. Ohio-state_medium
#4 #2
Date: March 17th, 2013
Location: Chicago, IL
Time: 3:30 p.m. ET
Arena: United Center
TV: CBS - Time Warner Columbus/Delaware 1010 HD/10 SD, WOW! 201 HD/10 SD, DirecTV 10, DISH 10 Spread: Ohio State -1
Radio: WBNS FM-97.1 AM-1460 Over/Under: 117.5
Internet: SBN Affiliate: Bucky's 5th Quarter
Badgers are short-legged omnivores in the weasel family, Mustelidae.